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Japanese Beginners - Stage One - 10-week course
Welcome to the Japanese Language Study Socialise Meet-Up. • BEGINNERS CLASS This 10-week introductory course will be for those that have no previous knowledge or very limited basic skills. The emphasis of the course is on developing speaking and listening skills covering basic grammar and essential vocabulary. It will give students a good foundation in modern Japanese in order to deal with day-to-day needs. Introducing a clear and simple methodology to building/improving spoken skills the lessons are based upon general language tuition that focuses on conversational speaking practice, listening skills, pronunciation (stress & intonation), fluency, accent, cultural nuances, grammar and vocabulary building. There is no reading or writing Japanese characters with lessons conducted using Romanized letters. The professionally delivered lessons aim to utilize the most effective teaching methods (role-play, group & individual discussion and feedback) and the most suitable materials (specially designed language teaching books devised myself which are complemented/aided by online audio. Classes are made to be fun and informative. It is a really good opportunity to learn lots and to practice with fellow learners. The course content will include several topics as follows: Conversing socially-greetings and daily expressions-dealing with people-numbers, money, dates, times-existence and location-completed actions and much more. In fact every scenario. Stage 1 - aim for completion is between 6-8 weeks with a move onto Stage 2. -Using 'wa' the most important basic element of the Japanese language-Asking questions?-Final particles-The object marker meaning 'thing'-Japan and Japanese language-Nouns-What race are you?-Possession particles...mine/his, hers-This and that-Give-Greetings and daily expressions-Verbs...plain and polite-Verbs to use as a connective in many instances-Completed actions...plain, polite, past, present tense, past negative-Please do not...speak/eat-Do I will sincerely assist in your language development analyzing your needs, creating a quality methodical syllabus for you, giving the clearest and simplest explanations on grammar telling you the best methods on how to crush obstacles, focusing on your strengths, interests, aims and objectives. We will be looking to have four study meetups a month, alternating between Saturday and Sunday on a weekly basis. A summary of the day's events as follows: 1)[masked]: Introductions and revision. 2)[masked]: Japanese Lesson using a language textbook. (beginners/elementary) 3)[masked]: Ten-minute break 4)[masked]pm: Continue class Options - To join the Social, Eat and Speak Meet=Up (monthly) on conclusion. Socialising among all the members to learn more about one another and the culture putting into further practice what one knows or what they had learned on the day. We will be using the language book Japanese In the Real World (by Ian Cesay) which can be purchased on

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This is a group for those interested in studying Japanese language and learning about Japan's culture plus much more. All skill levels of proficiency are welcome as there will be a meet up class for complete beginners and one for those with Japanese speaking ability already. You can learn and practice your Japanese socialising with people with a similar interest in Japan, its language, culture and heritage. So join us and meet other speakers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere! It's all about inclusion here with interaction among all the learners as the aim is to either learn, improve on or consolidate existing Japanese speaking skills. For serious language learners who attend classes (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) there will be a 7 Stages learning process which should take capable and committed students from a beginner to an advanced level. Each stage should last between 6-8 weeks, well certainly the first 5 stages. Stage 6 will be a 4-week course whilst Stage 7 will be 8-weeks. With focus, determination and fine tutelage we believe this can be achieved within a year. Those already capable of speaking it should serve to build on already acquired language abilities.

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