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Hi! This group is for those on their law of attraction (Abraham-Hicks style!) path who would like to have more like-minded people in their life and have a relaxed place to discuss and practice LOA (law of attraction) techniques. In my day job I'm a life coach and small business owner (manifested with LOA) and some people have asked me to come up with free or more affordable options to receive support and coaching. Having a one-on-one coach can be expensive, so I was REALLY excited to come up with some alternative options because I really love joining those on this path to speed up mastery and getting results.

Free events will include casual get-togethers to create a community of like minded people. Events will includes hikes, hanging out at coffee shops, visiting a brewery (nothing wrong with a fresh brew!) or other things of this nature.

I also hold a free monthly webinar/conference call with a specific focus and some exercises/practices people can work on. There is also an open Q&A. This is great for beginners and LOA vets. It's a fun call and I sometimes host with LOA friends.

I'll also arrange some $5 events limited to 8-12 people with a specific practice or focus. I'll make sure to have some 1-on-1 time with everyone. An example would be everyone comes prepared with a "new story" of something they'd like to manifest. Everyone will get to practice telling their "new story" one-on-one with others. The idea is to get comfortable telling a new story and practice aligning your energy to that story. I'll be able to give one on one feedback on how to improve and make sure this story feels good and is believable to you. If deep down inside you don't believe, then the exercise can work against you. I will help prevent this and make sure the "new story" promotes good feelings for you.

I will also eventually open up focused small group coaching for $25 for 1 hour and a limit of 4 people per session. This would be for people who want to work on something specific or those who want to fine tune their skills. It is really incredible what you can learn by listening to others.

This group IS NOT for people who are still trying to decide if they believe in law of attraction. It is not my philosophy to convince anybody of anything. We will keep it light, positive, fun and deliberate.

Excited to meet you!

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Breakfast at Meadowbrook Orchard

Meadowbrook Orchards

Breakfast at Meadowbrook Orchard

Meadowbrook Orchards

LoA Potluck Picnic in the park!

Trout Brook Reservation

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