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Hi guys!

So as we probably all know by now, ADD / ADHD isn't just a kids thing! Many of us are adults with the diagnosis who may sometimes feel like outsiders at work, school and life. I'm thinking it would be fun to have meetups where like-minded adults can hang out and share difficulties, triumphs, coping mechanisms, and whatever else! We can have the meetups at places like parks, restaurants, movies; maybe we could also go to museums, concerts or other cultural events. We could get some physical activities in there too - hiking, rock-climbing, maybe the beach or swimming in the summer. We could go to bars if everyone can be responsible about it. I'm open to suggestions. Ages 21+ recommended (I am 33); diagnosed ADD or ADHD would make the most sense. Couples are also okay! Just make sure to RSVP accordingly.

A few guidelines about what this group is NOT:
- A parenting group. I do not have kids (yet) and if members have kids, and they end up discussing their kids' diagnosis, that's all well and good, but it shouldn't be the primary focus. There are plenty of parenting groups on here. Please DO NOT bring your (under 18) kids to meetups; it's not fair to have myself and other members responsible for them.
- A singles or dating group. Again, if people form connections in the group organically, then okay, but please do not show up with that in mind - like parenting, there are plenty of singles groups for that!
- A place to seek or give medical advice. Discussing medications and lifestyle choices from personal experience is fine, but our mantra should always be "your mileage may vary". Go to your doctor, therapist or pharmacist for things that should be left up to doctors, therapists and pharmacists.
- A place to sell or promote you - or your friend's - product or coaching service. Period.

One more thing: I recently had a woman join saying that she felt this group would be mostly for her husband, who had ADHD. She felt that it would be a place where people would "understand" him (her quotes, not mine). She also said that he would not be attending any meetups, but that if she RSVP'ed it was for him.
This struck me as sketchy and not cool. We have NO IDEA who her husband is. So, I said she should probably leave unless he was going to join, so she left.
What I'm trying to say is, JOIN AS YOURSELF. Not as your husband's proxy and not as someone looking to be an "ally" or for "resources" for your husband, or whatever. No joining-by-proxy. BE YOUR WONDERFUL AD/HD SELVES. :)

Overall, I want this to be a group where adults who have been diagnosed with any type of AD/HD can find support and have fun. When the group has a few members we can discuss meetup places, activities and times. Hope to hear from you!

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