What we're about

Humanism is a non-theistic world view. Humanists are interested in human rights, the separation of church and state, and making the world a better place for everyone. We look to science, reason, and empathy to guide us in looking for solutions to problems in our lives and in the world.

Some of the goals of our group:

  • to create a supportive community for humanists in CNY
  • to put our values into action by helping the local community through volunteering and community service
  • to educate people about humanism and other non-theistic worldviews

Upcoming events (4+)

Recovering From Religion with Gwen Blodgett

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Former CNYHA Secretary, the brilliant Gwen Blodgett (formerly Bradshaw), will be talking to us about her experiences working with Recovering From Religion. RfR provides support and resources for those who are changing, doubting, or leaving their faith.

August Outing

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August is our month for a group outing! This year we're planning to head over the the Onondaga Historical Society. After that we will visit Fayette Park, where a historical marker in the park’s southeastern corner tells the story of a speech by Frederick Douglass spotlights Syracuse abolitionists who resided near the park.
Both of these locations are part of the Freethought Trail:

> The Freethought Trail is site-focused, designed especially for the history enthusiast who yearns to understand…the spot where a historical event occurred, regardless of whether or not the site is marked or interpreted today. Some Freethought Trail sites feature historical markers or even museums; others are unmarked and may be unknown among area residents.

**Please check back for meeting time!**

The Early Astronomers: Humanism's Roots in Astronomy with Anthony Krishock

How did our early understanding of the night sky influence Humanism? What role did the earliest astronomers play in the Renaissance? Join our own Anthony Krishock as he explores the courageous and sometimes subversive roles played by the early astronomers and how their efforts formed the foundations of modern Humanism.

Tabling at the Westcott Fair

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We’ll have a table at the Westcott St. Cultural Fair again this year! Sign up to table, or just come by and visit. We’ll have t-shirts for sale, too!
Check back for more information.

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