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Prior to the "Virus" changing our normal life the Central O.C. Gaming Friends hosted TWO different gaming events. One at the Westminster senior center and the other at the American Legion Post 555. Until our world gets to return to some kind of "normal" I'm suggesting you use my MeetUP board to contact other gaming groups in what I'll call ''SOCIAL BUBBLES". I suggest small groups of 4-6 gamers for your "SOCIAL BUBBLES". Go back and change your personal profile and include the games you like, the area your in and want to travel to. Advise if you prefer afternoons, weekends or weekdays, if you would host or only want to be invited for gaming events. You may search out other members in your area to play games with by visiting the members in our group. Many of you have responded that you are interested in small gaming groups. I currently am meeting with two such groups and we don't attend if feeling ill, always wash up when arriving and stay safe in our small groups. We don't wear masks while gaming. You can do the same or similiar. Hopefully once the world returns to a "new" normal we will be able to resume gaming again at the Westminster Senior Center and the American Legion. Please feel free to use my MeetUp group as your gaming center but stay safe until we can all meet together. Any questions e-mail Kathy at ginoandkathy@hotmail.com . I'd like to hear about the groups your forming. stay safe but practice "small Social Bubbles" to until I can legally arrange larger gaming events. Kathy S

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Legion of Games Sunday, April 19th, 2020

American Legion Post 555

Legion of Games Sunday March 15th, 2020

American Legion Post 555

Legion of Games Sunday March 1st, 2020

American Legion Post 555

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