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Monthly December Online Meeting

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We will be meeting online again at for the socializing and schmoozing, announcements and presentation(s). Pay attention to the global chat in for guidelines as the meeting progresses.

Jim Prior will give a presentation on defaultdict. When one tries to read a non-existent items in a dictionary, defaultdict automatically creates items. This keeps one from getting KeyErrors, allowing one to simplify code by avoiding the need to test for the existence of an item and initializing it if it does not exist.

6:00 p.m.: Socialize, eat, and drink (your own food and beverages) on meeting link:

Gather supports multiple conversations, so it is good for socializing with side conversations. No registration is required to use Gather and there's nothing to install or download to use Gather. The only software you need to use Gather with is a Chrome or Firefox browser. See Gather 101.docx for details on Gather.

Our meetings will continue into the new year. We meet on the last Monday of each Month.

This group is only as good as its inputs. Please consider helping out.

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