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The Central Ohio Riders (COR) have a particular riding style that does NOT fit the needs of every rider. Our first commitment is to the safety of all riders and we require a certain level of experienced riding ability. Our second commitment is to our group. This group has evolved into a group that expects pace, and loves to challenge the hills, curves and twisties in Ohio and other states. We do have different types of rides, destination, scenic, curvy and twisty rides. We are not here to teach you how to ride. If you are new to riding, or you are NOT experienced with curves and twisties, this is NOT the group for you! The groups’ expectations are to ride a great group ride with everyone keeping pace and riding in group formation.

The Central Ohio Riders was established in 2013. We are a group of avid motorcyclists of all ages with varied interests and occupations, but with one thing in common; we like to ride motorcycles. We provide an environment of motorcycle camaraderie for riders who operate any make of bike. The Central Ohio Riders Meetup is the place to be if you like motorcycles, want to explore the best roads to ride, find great destinations and meet a great group of great riders!

The vision of membership for The Central Ohio Riders is and has always been to create a family like atmosphere made with people you can count on and like to ride with. Not just any person that walks/rides in can become a member. We understand that not everyone is alike and have different needs and goals when it comes to joining and riding with a motorcycle group. The group has expectations on how the ride experience will be. If your riding style doesn't agree with the groups expectations of our rides, we will ask you to find another group that fits your riding style better.

We are not looking for huge numbers in membership and we believe Quality is more important than Quantity. Membership is capped at 200 riders. If you would like to join us, click the join button and your membership will stay in pending until an opening is available. Membership in this group will stay actively dynamic and will be culled. If a year goes by and you haven't participated in a Meetup, you will be removed to leave a space for another rider that wants to join and participate. We welcome you to re-join again when you want to participate, as long as there is an opening.

We ask that you ride safe, respect your fellow riders and enjoy the company of others. We obey all traffic laws and never obstruct traffic by blocking intersections; this practice is against the law.

Alcohol/Drug use prior to or during ANY group ride is NOT PERMITTED. Any member found breaking this rule will be banned from Central Ohio Riders immediately.

You MUST have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement (M). Member’s drivers licenses and proof of motorcycle insurance will be verified prior to your first ride with the group. Once your information is checked you will not be asked to show the information again unless a situation calls for it. While this may seem like an intrusion or a hassle, please understand that we are only doing this to be sure that everyone is safe. Would you want to ride 1 or 2 seconds in front of or behind someone who has not taken a basic test? Or is not insured? Once verified you will have an extra title added to your profile. This will ensure you are not asked again as well as letting other members know you have an endorsement and insurance.

COR+year you were verified = Motorcycle Endorsement & Motorcycle Insurance verified. COR13, COR14, COR15, COR16, COR17, COR18, COR19.

Roadside Assistance is recommended. Several companies: AAA, AMA, MTS, NRMA, HOGG, GWRRA, RESCUE PLUS, YOUR VEHICLE INSURANCE CO

Scooters - 400cc and above are welcome.


DISCLAIMER: By being a member of this group you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold the group's Organizer, Co Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers, or Member liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or property arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis.

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