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Do you love playing entertaining board games? We play some old favorites and some newer, more innovative, strategy games.No matter what your game is, let's play!

If you are a first-timer at one of our meetup events, please introduce yourself. Ask to join an interesting game about to start, or invite some members to play one of yours. Don't be afraid to jump in on a new game you haven't played before. We are always glad to teach new games to new members.

As this list will be shutting down soon. If you game in the austin area. please join the discord group https://discord.com/channels/837181091726229524/837181288786952232

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Epic Boardgames: Dungeon Crawl Themed Games!

Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy

For this event, we are pulling out the Dungeon Crawl themed games!

Let me emphasis that seating for each game is limited. I will be posting each game, and now many seats are still available. Please check the comments, and post which game you would like to play. If all the seats are accounted for, then there's no more room.

Furthermore, if you have a Dungeon Crawl themed game you would like to bring, put it in the comments, and likewise start marking slots!

-----Updated as of 07/28-------

********************Note, With the return in Austin to Stage 4 Covid restrictions, Dragon's Lair is back to requiring masks, despite vaccination status. Please be prepared to comply!*************************

So, we first off have Gloomhaven, which currently has 1 empty slot.

Next, we have Clank in Space, which currently has no empty slots.

Finally (For now), we have Star Wars: Imperial Assault, with 1 empty slot.

Again, post in the chat which game you are signing up for, and if you have one you are willing to bring and run, post there (I will try to check and update here, but I make no promises!).

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Sunday Board Games

Game Kastle Austin

We play a wide variety of Euro-style board games, including anything new that's out there plus usual favorites like Terraforming Mars, Great Western Trail, Lords of Waterdeep, Puerto Rico, Agricola, Power Grid, Caylus, Dominion, Small World, Tichu, and many others. Bring your favorite game! Someone will most likely want to try it. Game Kastle has snacks and drinks, plus there is a Taco Bell and Subway next door. Sorry, no alcohol allowed in the store.

Sunday Board Games @ Waterloo Burnet Road

Waterloo Ice House

Note that games start promptly at 2PM so please come early if you want to make sure you get into the first round of games. Many games run 2-3 hours and we don't want to leave you sitting out while we have all the fun! We are always willing to teach a game you haven't played.

We play a wide variety of Euro-style board games and are always open to new challenges. Bring your favorite game! Someone will most likely want to try it. We’ll be in the back area on the north side of the building. Please RSVP so we can get some idea of how many tables to reserve. Also, if you have specific game you'd like to play but don't own, feel free to post it here and we'll see what we can do to accommodate. Finally, this meetup is posted to multiple locations so the numbers RSVPing here are not representative of how many to expect overall.

Wonko's Thursday's

Wonko's Toys and Games

Wonko's is having open gaming on Thursday nights till midnight. You pay wonko's 5 dollars to play, or 10 dollars store credit.

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Wonko's Thursday's

Wonko's Toys and Games

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