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Have you ever gone on the hikes where we all are racing to the end and never enjoy a single tree or bird and too rushed to take good pictures? Have you ever done meetup water sports where you just want more time to float and listen to the sounds of nature abound? This group will be more of a mindful outdoors experience where there is zero competition and no rush. The goal will be to enjoy more of the outdoors in good weather including kayaking, hiking and camping. Welcome are the experts of the area to organize/co-organize as I am new to Central VA but know I want to enjoy this blessed area ever so more and would prefer company. Take a mental health day from work or a break from the homestead and come release and relax.

Folks from nearby cities welcome to join such at Richmond, Charlottsville, Farmville and Lexington and around. I will start by posting Kayaking Thursdays at James River State park and hiking Sundays at every hike that includes a lake or falls in Central VA to really enjoy water this summer. We will have events that may go for an average of 6 hours and more if camping. All skill levels are welcome yet be mindful of the level required for the trail by going to https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/explore-trails . Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody. Please remember: Please bring good hiking and water shoes, water and snacks/lunch, sunblock and bug spray. Carpools can be arranged in discussion area. If you want to bring a pet, please check directly with the park authorities for rules and be mindful of keeping pet by your side per park rules. Each member is responsible for their own safety and experience and organizer is only facilitator of scheduling this and all events. We welcome a diversity of ages, cultures and genders. Let's have fun with mother nature!!!

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Ride Virginia Creeper Trail


The Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail offers scenic wonders from dense forests, open fields and lush waterways to railroad relics and delightful small towns. Cyclists and equestrians love the length of the Creeper, and many local walkers and joggers take advantage of the pleasant opportunity for a little exercise.

The trail is 32.7 miles in length between Abingdon, VA and Whitetop Station. However, I plan to do the ride over two days by starting from the midpoint of Damascus, VA and riding out and back each day. On Saturday (05/01), we'll ride uphill to Whitetop for 17 miles, have lunch along the way, and ride back to Damascus. On Sunday (05/02), we'll ride 16 miles to Abingdon, have lunch along the way, and ride back to Damascus. So, this will be about a 66-mile bike ride for the weekend. The trail surface is gravel. A hybrid bike is recommended. Pace will be 8-12 mph. I plan to camp at Beartree Campground outside of Damascus that can accommodate up to eight people. For more information on the trail and camping, please go to https://www.traillink.com/trail/virginia-creeper-national-recreation-trail/ and https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232384, respectively.

1. A tentative itinerary or cancellation notice will be sent out a week before the ride.
2. A final itinerary will be sent a day before the ride.

Cycle North Carolina Mountain Ride

Summey Park

The Cycle North Carolina Mountain Ride is a perfect weekend getaway for any outdoor enthusiast and their families. Enjoy a 3-day cycling festival featuring a variety of route options each day that focus on showcasing the beautiful landscapes that Western North Carolina has to offer. The campsite is located at Summey Park in Forest City, just over a mile from downtown, which features some of the best restaurants, shops and entertainment a quaint mountain town can offer. RV's are welcome at the campsite and there are multiple hotel options in town as well.

1. You must register at https://ncsports.org/event/cyclenc_mountain_ride/. Fees increase after 05/20/2021. **If you had signed up for the coastal ride which was canceled this year, you will have credit in your account to pay for this ride.**
2. Indoor or outdoor camping is included with the registration. I plan to camp indoors and check-in on August 6.
3. There is a warm-up, 17-mile ride led by the route developers that I plan to join. It leaves at 3 pm on Friday (8/6) from the campsite at Summey Park/Dunbar Elementary School.

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Hike Fluvanna Heritage Trail

Pleasant Grove Park

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