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Important Note: Please remember that this event is hosted by a third party. The cost is $35 per person per weekend, and you MUST register using the link below - RSVPing on our Meetup page will not sign you up or guarantee you a spot. Please use this page to let others know if you will be attending, coordinate carpooling and/or camping, ask questions, or to discuss topics covered during the work weekend. This event page is for the work weekend of April 12-13, though upcoming weekends are listed below for your convenience. Thank you!


Join us for a series of workshops in which you can get some real "hands on" experience building an Earthship-like structure here in Ohio. The idea behind these workshops is that you will learn the basic skills necessary to construct an Earthship. Between the workshops, we will also host "work days" to help the project along (send message if you are interested and we'll set something up). The goal is to have the entire home under roof by the end of the summer. You can follow progress of the project at

Each 2-day workshop is $35 and covers the cost of breakfast and lunch on each workshop day (meat and veggie friendly). Scholarships are available as necessary.

Attendees are more than welcome to bring camping gear and extra food and spend the night at the Earthship build site the weekend of each workshop (simply contact Lauren at to secure camping details). It is recommended that you bring some additional light snacks to munch on throughout (though breakfast and lunch will be provided) as many workshops will be labor-intensive.

Each workshop will take place at 2687 South River Road, Cedarville, OH 45314 (near Yellow Springs). Please note: these are workshops conducted at a construction site. So no children under 14 please, and also dress accordingly - get ready to get dirty.

Workshop #1: Saturday, April 12, 2014 and Sunday, April 13, 2014: Tire Foundation- this 2-day workshop is set to cover the following topics:

Site selection and preparation
Tire selection and basic Earthship construction concepts
The art and science of pounding tires
Water issues and "French" drains
Concrete "half-tires"
Installing the sill plates
Various foundation options

If you're interested in securing a spot to any and all workshops, you can do so here:


Upcoming work weekends:

Workshop #2: Saturday, May 17, 2014 and Sunday, May 18, 2014: Framing- this 2-day workshop is set to cover the following topics:

Framing the structure
Integrating windows and doors into the structure
Securing the base row of bales to the foundation
Sizing of support members
Preparing the framing to receive bales

Workshop #3: Saturday, June 7, 2014 and Sunday, June 8, 2014: Straw Bale Walls- this 2-day workshop is set to cover the following topics:

Cutting and retying bales to size
Cutting saplings to girdle the bales
Lashing the bales to the saplings
Pinning the bales together
Theory of straw bale- load bearing versus non-load bearing
Water issues

Workshop #4: Saturday, June 28, 2014 and Sunday, June 29, 2014: Earth Plastering & Bottle Wall Construction- this 2-day workshop is set to cover the following topics:

Cobb integration into straw and building non load-bearing cobb walls
Using cans and bottles as part of straw bale or tire wall
Mixing cobb with cement mixer as well as by hand or foot
Creating shelves or other free-form objects
Creating the scratch coat mix
How to apply scratch coat earth plaster
How to mix the various coats, including cobb, base coat, scratch coat, finish coats and exterior coats
The theory and practical uses of can/bottle walls (for use in pillars, walkway borders, small garden buildings, etc.)
Forming bottle walls within conventional framing

Note: All dates are subject to change as this is a home build and thus, there are no guarantees as to when certain tasks will actually be completed. However, we were assured by our consultants that this timeline is realistic if we are able to find enough interested individuals to lend a helping hand and learn sustainable building principles in the process!

Our building consultants, from a sustainable living center in Philo, OH will be leading these workshops throughout our build. They live in an earthship home themselves and have for over a decade now. You should check it out sometime!

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