Living Without Religion

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month

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Have you given up your faith? Maybe you never had faith. Has your newfound or longstanding lack of faith been the source of difficulties? Has your lack of faith created conflicts with family? Friends? Neighbors? Coworkers?

Because the human skull is the ultimate echo chamber — and often not a friendly one — meeting, listening to, and sharing with others experiencing similar situations can help. Why not take part in a peer-support group where you can get things off your chest?

No higher powers, no dogma. Just free expression, empathy, understanding, without judgment. We’re here for you. We are Living Without Religion, and you can too.

Thursday, November 15, we meet again. Join the discussion in the Hague Room at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre, 95 Lavinia Avenue, near the corner of Windermere Ave and Bloor Street West, between the Jane and Runnymede TTC stations.

Come join the discussion!