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Our political system is broken. Polls from earlier this year showed Congress with a historically low 10% (8% among Independents) approval rating. Meanwhile, there is a growing unease in our Nation. An undercurrent of fear that something has gone, Is going, terribly wrong. This fear is well founded and the breakdown in our political system is only the latest symptom.

At this point Voting for either a Democrat or a Republican is not going to Fix the breakdown in Washington. Ask yourself, has it previously?

IF, we are going to change Congress, and thereby the direction of the Nation, than we need to elect Independent voices that are not part of either political machine. It's time the Silent Center of this nation rise up and demand to be heard. This group is to facilitate that. If you are looking to help bring sanity back to Washington and are not Far Right nor Far Left than join the cause.

This group is for Moderate Americans who believe that neither Ideology has the final, best, word on how to govern. That the overly strict focus on strident Ideology is, in fact, a major part of the problem we face.

It's easy for the political extremes to mobilize. They are fired by the passion of their beliefs. Moderates by nature are not tied to 'the cause' (what ever it might be). They simply want what most people want. Political and Economic stability, gainful employment, and a chance to pass on a better life to their children.

While Moderates are the first to become disgusted with a broken political system it is vital to put that disgust aside and to reengage otherwise the future belongs to the extremes.

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