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This is a hands-on meetup of Swift developers. Bring your laptop, inspiration, questions and personal coding projects. We meet at varying locations around the South Metro area of the Twin Cities with the goal of sitting down and writing Swift code.

Whether you're a senior developer or just starting out, come sit down to talk and write Swift.

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Build an app with MapKit

Common Roots Cafe

We’re doing something a little different for this Certainly Swift Meetup. This is a little lengthy so bear with me... We’ll be building an app from scratch using MapKit. You’ll learn how to display the Apple Maps screen, request user permission for location access, place pins on the map and allow custom address inputs. As with all Certainly Swift meetups this will be a hands-on session. This is not just a presentation to watch. Bring your MacBook with Xcode and be ready to code with MapKit! Of course if you don’t have a laptop you’re encouraged to follow along, or better yet bring your iMac! There will be room. I have rented out the “Common Room” in the back of the Common Roots Cafe. This will be our own dedicated space with seating for 20, plus a flat-screen TV to allow you to follow along with the project. It will be a simple app and I’m planning for about 45 minutes to build it. That will leave time for questions and challenges to apply changes to the app you’ve made. Plus discuss any challenges you’re having in your own apps or Swift learning, in any framework. Finally if you missed the previous Meetup announcement I still have a gift for everyone who attends, a generous donation from Paul Hudson of the Hacking with Swift series. Please note the slightly earlier start time. We have the Common Room from 6:15 until 8:45pm. I hope to get started coding by 6:45, which will allow time for everyone to settle in and set up. Thank you in advance for your interest in Certainly Swift. I hope to see everyone there! - Dan P.S. It’s possible SwiftUI will be out of beta by the time of this meetup. However this app will be built using UIKit since I have zero experience thus far with SwiftUI. If this goes well, I will plan a SwiftUI session at a later date.

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Swift birds eat bugs for dinner.

Common Roots Cafe

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