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You might not realize it, but just about everyone is a natural-born healer! In fact, you probably already have some of the paranormal abilities related to this gift. For example, you may know who’s calling before you answer the phone, or be able to sense what others are thinking or feeling. But you can further develop your inner talents and become your own healer and shaman, capable of healing whatever ails you and effecting change in someone else’s energy field and body. Come attend different workshops to be held in the North Houston/ The Woodlands area where you can learn about different tools and techniques to heal your life. Be the person you always knew you were meant to be. Heal whatever is keeping you from physical and emotional health and a deeper connection to Spirit. We are all trying to live an authentic life for ourselves. In doing so, it is important to be able to deal with life's ups and down in a supportive and nurturing way. I hope you will find that this group allows you to grow and heal different area of your life. You will learn real, practical, and very modern effective ways of healing physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages thru energetic techniques. You will learn that you have within you, the ability to heal your life.

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The Mindful Child Meditations: (6-11 yr. Olds)

Studio Zone Creekside

Teen Empowerment Workshop

Studio Zone

The Woodlands ONLINE Healing Meditations

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The Mindful Child Online Event: (6-10 yr. Olds)

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