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Meeting up to experience the -usually called etherical or metaphysical- visualization of the human aura and chakras through a scientific tool: the GDV Bio-well device.
I am not a doctor, neither a healer in practice.
I got this tool with the intention of running independent investigations. Anyways, getting in contact and working with this device made me want to share this magnificent technology with everybody.
Is a tool that, like libraries, should be at least one in every town or city. Is, in my opinion indispensable because it lets the people see a holistic view of their own system with a tool that carry a very low level of subjectivity and separatism ( unlike the majority of the readings made by humans ) giving the opportunity to work with the body as a whole: as a society made by individuals and organizations {being the body the society, the individuals the organs and organizations the systems, chakras and meridians}.
Discover your energy distribution and get a clear vision on what you should be working.

Light, peace.
~Jetxel Fernandez

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