What we're about

This group was created to meet the growing need of moms that have felt overwhelmed, isolated, or experienced mood or self-esteem challenges since having children. As a collective group, there isn't any frustration or circumstance that each of us haven't felt at one time in our lives.

Some topics to delve into are: Postpartum identity crisis ( who am I? )(what have I become?), Guilt free self care, self-esteem challenges that are brought about due to weight gains associated with child birth. We will make moms the primary focus because we are the glue that holds it all together. When mommy is well, her children will follow.

We will answer your additional questions: including places to meet quality people, best schools, relationships, daycare, work from home jobs, and community resource agencies.

This group is to be free of religious, and racial barriers.

We are currently seeking volunteer speakers, coaches and advocates for our events both virtual and in person!

email: jessita.herriott@gmail.com

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360 Mommy

East Cobb Library

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