What we're about

We are a small group of individuals from an area church. We would like to meet with others who want to learn about the Bible. We are not interested in debating or arguing about what the Bible teaches. If that is your desire, we respectfully ask that you create your own Meetup group. However, if you would be interested in simply gaining more knowledge about what the Bible teaches, you are the kind of person we want to assist.

This is not a "chat group." This is an opportunity to study and learn the Bible. The info on the website re. the number of meetups is misleading. As of today (5/25/17) I have had around 200 studies with individuals in this group, yet the site shows only 8 meetups. This is because once I have a Meetup with someone -- it becomes a weekly personal study with that individual (This is not shown on the website because it's not announced). This way the study addresses the specific interests and knowledge level for each person. I usually have individual studies with three to five members every week.

If you are serious about having a study, please send me an email and I will do my best to arrange something.

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