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What we’re about

Welcome to Lake Champlain Kayak Meetup Group

This group has been active on the lake since 1992, and has been using Meetup to plan trips and events since 2012. After a Covid lull, we have re-established an active core group and are once again planning a variety of trips.

Most members of this group paddle sea kayaks that are 14 feet or longer, and many of the trips and training reflect that. However, we are open to anyone who wants to strengthen their skills as a paddler and have fun on the water.

As a Meetup, it is up to the individual members to schedule paddles and events. Our focus for group events is safety, fun, and skill building. The person posting should clearly describe the expected conditions, equipment, and experience needed for the trip. Members may RSVP to any event, and by doing so are taking personal responsibility for being prepared, and for contributing to the success of the group.

All members pay a $6.00 annual fee to cover costs associated with maintaining the Meetup site.

If you have a partner, family member or friend who wants to attend a trip, please have them join the Meetup as a member. For everyone's safety, guests are not permitted on our trips.

Please contact me if you have questions.

Joanne Heidkamp
Lake Champlain Kayak Meetup Site Administrator