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Being a software professional in the Information age brings a bag of perks with it. Most important is the independence of our market value. Our material worth is in our hands to build. Hone your skills and make yourself more valuable. This proposition however, cuts both ways. It is just as easy, perhaps easier, to lose your sense of direction and end up with an outdated skillset. Especially so in everyday churn of the corporate world. Even when you do work hard and add immense value to your work, it is very rarely transferable.

A person is a brand when recognition of their value does not demand demonstration. Establishing yourself as a genuine brand asks for effort, discipline and a methodical approach.

In the meetup happening coming Wednesday [masked]), we will discuss how efforts made to establish yourself as a brand can help you increase your value. We will also discuss, demonstrate, and criticize a few approaches to take towards this goal. We'll focus on what kind of efforts you can make to enhance your skills, how you can extract most value out of them, and how to retain it.

You are welcome to join us in the discussion, challenge our approach, and/or join us on the journey.

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