What we're about

Do you want to contribute in `React JS world`? Do you want to help yourself and others?

Let's sit together and discuss things with most `innovative and passionate` React JS developers of Tricity.

We are looking to focus on these things:-

1. Component patterns
2. Lifecycle methods
3. React hooks
4. React suspense
5. Context API

Upcoming events (1)

Reactjs - Explore More about Application State Management

Hello Reactjs Aspirants Thanks for your support so far. Based on the feedback and next step towards our journey with Reactjs we are glad to announce our next meetup Whom should attend ----------------------------- Anyone who is working on Reactjs or planning to start working, Beginners and Intermediate developers We will be discussing how to manage the - State of React component, - Introduction to Redux - What will be the right time to introduce Redux in your application - How React's Context API helps to get rid of prop drilling. Along with that, we will also learn to - Implement middlewares like Redux Saga, - Integrating Redux dev tool - Create your own middleware - Implement an API

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