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So we grew up listening to stories on the lap of our parents and grandparents. We listened with wide-eyed wonder about distant lands and strange peoples. While we were thoroughly entertained, we also learnt important life-lessons from those tales. And then technology came along. While the storytelling continued (and still does) on social media using rich visuals, emojis and gifs, the intimacy and warmth of listening to a story being told using the power of the voice, was slowly forgotten. We forgot to listen. With the same child-like amazement and wonder. Without judgement and without prejudice.

This group is an attempt to bring the love for storytelling and listening back into our lives. In recent times, world over, there has been a revival of the art of oral storytelling and India isn't far behind. Cities like Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi have been at the forefront of leading this movement to promote and nurture the art. Why should Chandigarh be left out?

So, if you're someone who devours stories - it could be personal stories, epics, folklore, legend or myth - then, join this group to share your story. We'll tell and listen to stories from everyone and everywhere, in a non-threatening, supportive environment and in doing so, we'll find a little bit of ourselves in the stories we share. Whoever said adults don't need stories!

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