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Wondering how to add more creative arts programming into your STEAM friendly classrooms or home school? Let's get together to share our ideas on bringing cost effective, art lessons with a history base to your kids! I own an art education company with over 650 students each month that is based on the medical research showing the benefits of arts and how is effects our brains. My students ages range from 55-106! I have dozens of amazing art lessons paired with fantastic lesson plans that would blow your socks off! After winning the Social Impact award at the Southwest Makersfest in Mesa this March, I'm toying with the idea of spending more time in the K-12 arena. We had such an amazing day! Let's collaborate to bring affordable fine art back into our schools! What types of lessons are you looking for? What mediums do your kids love? Do you like to recycle to create amazing professional looking pieces? For minimal cost? What are YOUR educational requirements that need to be met to have a successful school or classroom? I can learn from you and you can learn from me, all for the benefits of our kids future!

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