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Change Makers & Collaborators

Change makers & Collaborators now comes with a paid membership option.

You do not need to be a member to actively participate in this groups Meetups, but...
"Membership has it's privilege"

• Current Fee - $50 Annually

* ALL Active members will receive complimentary membership

Who is this group for?

1. Leaders who make a difference within their sphere of social influence.
- Change makers are people who step-up and do what is necessary to get things done.
- Change Makers make a difference that they see as what needs to be done. They do it without asking or being asked.
- Are you a change maker?

2. Entrepreneurs & Business Owners with ideas and innovations looking to find those connections, resources, skills or assets to take that innovation to market.
- Collaborators are collective groups of people (partners) looking to join forces (combine resources) for the benefit of all those involved.

What is Change Makers & Collaborators?

• 1. Mastermind:

- a group of entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators working together helping each other thrive in marketplace; collaborating on projects of mutual interest for mutual benefit.

2. Seminars:

- Quarterly Seminars with educational and promotional benefits for all members. (1st Seminar FREE, then Membership pricing)

- Tickets to Seminars & Workshops offered by Partners; FREE or Discounted as available.

3. Networking:

- Lunch & Learn; Network Brunch, Dinners; Meetups to Connect, Learn & Grow.

What does membership include?

Membership Includes:

• 1 FREE (One-time) Network Dinner for 2 ($150 Value): Member & Guest

• 1 FREE General Admission ticket for 2...
- Collaborate to Create… Quarterly Seminar:
- 1st Event; January 2019 (then member price, after 1 event)

• Attend Monthly Mastermind Groups, LIVE & ONLINE

• Discounted Tickets to ALL Horner Enterprises Presentations, 20%off

• Referral Program:
- $10 for each referral who joins...to be used for ANY Horner Enterprises Product.

Are you…

• A Change Maker with a desire to help make the world a better place?

• A (New or Established) Leader, Coach or Influencer, hoping to reach more people?

• An Entrepreneur or Freelancer looking to create business opportunities to...
- Capitalize on business ideas or inventions
- Utilize your skills for greater personal profit?
- Start your own business? Use your skills for greater mutual benefit.
- Build a team to help you pursue these ideas?

Do you have…

• Ideas/Innovations, creative vision (for-profit or not-for-profit)? Every entrepreneur worth his salt has ideas. Let's make those ideas a reality!

• Entrepreneur/Freelance/Millionaire mindset?

Become a Collaborator! Share profits (JVP) with partners & Team members!

Work together for mutual benefit to create business ventures, inventions, visions & community initiatives.

Multiple projects = Multiple Streams of Income:

• Each member may pursue many projects at one time (don't over-extend or burnout), this results in the potential for income from each project.

• Members need not be involved in every project, but are encouraged to collaborate.

• Earnings from each project likely to be divided among partners based on project involvement. (Profit potential based on project participation)

-Joint Venture Agreements.
- Partnerships.
- Management by Committee.

Collaborative Concepts:

• Projects presented to committee for approval, development and role assignments.
• Decisions based on consensus.
• Project participation is voluntary.
• Each project is a separate venture.
• Profits split among participating members based on negotiated terms.

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Let's Collaborate to Create…

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