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I am starting to show up in my life, even though it can be scary. I know the necessary steps and am beginning to take them. I am looking for community and support, even though I have a hard time accepting help. I am looking to feel purpose, even though I am not sure what that is. I just know it's time. If this is you, then this group is for you.

My intention for this group is to open people up to live their lives in the most fulfilling joyful way. To help identify what messaging you are sending yourself, that keeps you from the present moment and as such, self sabotages you. After losing my grandmother, getting sick, being in a toxic/abusive relationship and losing just about everything I had. I was in so much pain that my heart just literally broke open to anything that could help and since then, I have been on an extraordinary journey of love that I want to help anyone who is willing. I see people unnecessarily suffering mentally and if I can give back an ounce of what I have learned and been given then it makes my life even more worth living!


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