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Has doing what you've always done, thinking how you've always thought landed you in jail or prison? Are you someone that knows there's a better plan ahead than what you've left behind? Are you recently released from jail or prison and would like to find a network of people who'll cheer you on instead of putting you down? Are you someone who'd like to change your old patterns of thinking? Would you like to make the journey with others striving to do the same?

Then join us and discover ways to change the game; moving your life to new levels of joy, success, and fulfillment by creating positive relationships, new thinking styles, while developing new resources to assist you in achieving your goals.

MVR is a for profit organization dedicated to helping others achieve success after incarceration. We believe that everyone has the ability to create a better future by examining how their past thinking has impacted them negatively and making a commitment to change. We believe that success is measured in the direction a person is traveling not whether or not they've reached the destination. What that means to us is you are a success when you set a goal and start doing things differently than you've done in the past in order to achieve that goal. MVR recognizes that incarceration is a traumatizing experience for the human soul; and consequently often impacts the levels of joy, freedom, love, beauty, and success an individual finds upon release.
It's our desire at MVR to help individuals achieve this success by providing resources and support while a person seeks housing, employment, and a positive social network. It is possible to change the game.

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