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A different life, is just an outfit away. You can be successful, have the job you want, the relationships you want, and the networking you want, just by using your clothes.

Clothes can change our entire mindset and how we perceive our selves and our reality. My name is Linda Mata and I am a styling coach with a specific approach in how clothes can improve our social skills, increase our emotional intelligence and upgrade our decision making.

What I do is to divide the session into three parts (physical, emotional and logical) and work with clothes in order to influence clients‘ body language and body postures, emotional statement and the way the project themselves. For me clothes are tools, a special language that we can achieve our goals, bond with people, improve negotiation skills and build successful mindset.

If you want to improve your social skills, learn how to use your clothes for different occasions in your life and make effective first impressions, then this meeting is for you.

A meet up for young entrepreneurs who are trying to launch their ideas and create influence who would like to know the importance of their appearance. Also people who want to boost their confidence, create better relationships and improve the quality of their lives.

Clothes are tools, clothes are words and if we use them right we can get what we want and explore our potentials.

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