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Would you like to become more aware of your Crown Chakra?

Would you like to sit in circle with someone who remembers many of his previous lives, and can be led from memories to other countries to places he has lived in those lives and have more memories flood back?

Channeling Crowns, is for those who would like to become more conscious of the totality of their lives. To gain firmer perspective of where they are coming from in the first place.

Do you realize, most children were adults not very long ago? Have you considered how that perspective of truth, can help realign your consciousness and spirits energy within actual alignment of being?

We are not our bodies. We may be currently manifesting a body to incarnate within.

Is it time, for you, to awaken to a clearer manifestation of being?

Are you already conscious of these things? Would you like to be part of a circle to share your experiences, and help hold space for a deeper facilitation of consciousness and discernment of spirit?

A thought from Keith to consider:

As the collective consciousness of a society ascends higher dimensionally, the peoples of that society must learn how to respond effectively to the energies contained within those new dimensions.

Otherwise those people will spin energetically out of control.

Society is now currently awakening to and within, a dimension consisting of energies, thought constructs, alchemy processes, entities, and even aliens.

Many people within society are learning to comprehend, that while those energies have always been in that dimension, they now find themselves in that dimension with them as well.

An ability of response. A disability of reaction. Or a conscious or unconscious choice of stagnation, will result in their transcendence or their destruction.

We are within the midst of the ascension of consciousness of the masses.

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An article I wrote to consider reading: https://medium.com/@keithjchouinard/are-you... (https://medium.com/@keithjchouinard/are-you-alien-to-your-incarnation-128022fb74b3#.hynkfhdyk)

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Scrying Mirror Class

Talk of the Town


Learn about the ancient divination technique of using scrying mirrors. A scrying mirror is included within the class and fee. That way you get to use your very own mirror and take it home for future use.


Talk of the Town

Come celebrate your Aura! A special day at Talk of the Town all about your chakras and energy fields. Complimentary Snacks and fun things all day! Sign up for the Aura Meditation Circle at 5;15pm!

AURA Meditation Circle

Talk of the Town


Celebrate AURA DAY with us and then Stay and experience a meditation desgined to experience your chakras and aura!

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Crystal Grid Class

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