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Imagine if you could talk to real Jesus face-to-face. What would you ask him? What would you say to you? What would you give for that opportunity? You think such questions are pointless, but suppose there was a way? Well there is. Jesus has been in spirit now for 2000 years, but his spirit makes a habit of visiting Earth through what we call psychic channels. Channels are a subset of psychics whom spirits temporary borrow their body so that they can talk to humans. Jesus does this throughout the world because he is still working hard to get his original message of acceptance, compassion and tolerance out to mankind.

Recently my good friend Ginny, had the recent experience of Jesus entering her physical body and announcing his presence. I was sitting directly across from her when that happened. I immediately recognized Him because he had come to me before through other channels. These occurrences were described in my book, “Heavens PR Man”. Jesus’ message to Jenny was that he wanted to talk to anyone in Southeast Florida that was open to listening and was comfortable with this form of communication. Ginny initially (and still) had a hard time believing what was happening to her. Her second channeling, (which you can read and hear at www.channelingjesusfl.com ) addressed her fears and explained why He was reaching out to her and this community.

Here’s how it works. We start off with a guided group meditation. Then I will prepare Ginny to get into a trance state. Once Ginny begins channeling, it’s pretty normal for our special guest to address all of the group with his thoughts. Once that part is completed , anyone who is interested can sit in the chair immediately in front of Ginny to ask our special guest one personal question. Please be courteous and limit your question to one. You are quite welcome to video or record your part of the session. Finally, the last half of the meet up is devoted to a lesson on "A course in Miracles by Ginny."

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