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Channeling is the new way to find our own answers. Easy, true, direct, it talks to our heart and soul.
I channel Light Beings, Guides, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses from Ancient Egypt.
Their Healing energies and their messages help us in our journey to find inner peace, clarity and to live a life more aligned to our soul purpose.

Some evenings you will receive their messages and information through a Transmission/Meditation and other evenings through a direct talk with them through the Channel (Channeled Talk).

There is no need to believe in anything to attend these events. But you do wish you see more clearly in your life and you are in a journey of finding your True Essence and your true Self.

See you soon !

Sophie Kermarec

Facebook : Sophie Kermarec Alchemic Healing

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Cornerstone Community Centre


Hello ! What a month ! Especially this full moon ! We think we are on track, we cleared lots of things in our lives… but no, it is not finished !!! More healing to be done and more awareness are expected from us from Life. But we do have more tools, we kind of start to know the « process ». Thank God... The message this month is : "Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take your problems too seriously. Go back to the basics. Breathing, being alive here and now. Also be vigilant. Use your awareness and intuition to put out of your life and your energetic field anything and anyone that is not helping you in your evolution. You will know the symptoms : feeling not at ease in certain situations, with certain persons. Feeling diminished, abused. Feeling down. No need to judge. Send them away with love and blessings and continue your path of awakening to your true Essence and to Joy and Love. All is fine and part of the process of clearing and healing. So remember not to take anything too seriously as in Truth we are all ONE !" I have been to Egypt and I have experienced an amazing, extraordinary connection with the Neteru (Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses). I shared some if their energy during the last Public Channeled talk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F43u_AKoh4 In November, I will share a day with them, showing you the way to connect to many of them. You will then be able to have a direct connection with them. It will be like several Meditations/Transmissions. So if you wish to get to know them and have them as your guides (they are not exclusive so you can still be in connection with other guides :-)!), Join me : WORKSHOP : CONNECTING WITH THE NETERU Saturday the 2nd of November From 10 am to 5pm. There will be an hour lunch break during which we can either go to a local restaurant or share meal together by bringing our own food (I will just have to check with Cornerstone if it is possible to do so). Cost : £67.5. At Cornerstone Hove. Payment in advance via Paypal. Meanwhile, I wish you a lovely transformation to Freedom and Love ! Sophie

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