• PHP 7.1 Overview

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    Not only are the days of waiting for PHP7 behind us, but we've now got a brand new 7.x PHP release on the horizon! Join us as we go through some of the features of PHP 7.1 including: * Nullable types * Void return type * Multiple exception type catching * Invalid strings in arithmetic warnings * Class constant visibility * HTTP/2 server push in CURL * Much more! We'll also go over breaking changes and deprecated features (like mcrypt). Pizza at 6, and we'll get started at 6:30!

  • Pulling up Your Legacy App by its Bootstraps! (Emily Stamey)

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to support an application built on an older framework. Refactoring isn't an easy option. The code is untested and nowhere near best practices or standards. In this session, we'll talk about strategies to incorporate modern PHP coding practices to add features and functionality and retiring the older code in pieces. We'll review specific examples and code from a real project where we bootstrapped a legacy application that needed a lot of help to become useful to its users and simpler for developers to maintain. We'll talk about strategies to leave the existing code in place until the new code is ready to replace it in whole or in pieces. For this talk we're excited to host Triangle PHP organizer Emily Stamey! Follow her on Twitter here (https://twitter.com/elstamey). This will also be our first meetup at New Media Campaigns (http://www.newmediacampaigns.com/) in downtown Carrboro! RSVP to this meetup for directions and parking info. We'll have pizza/drinks at 6:00, and get started with Emily's talk at 6:30 - see you there!

  • Laravel 5 Middleware

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    We are excited to welcome Phillip Harrington, a web developer at Cisco Systems, to talk about Laravel 5 Middleware. You can learn more about Phillip at https://phillipharrington.com/ . You can also find Phillip on Twitter at https://twitter.com/philsown . Talk description: Middleware is a powerful feature of Laravel 5. In this talk, we'll briefly cover what middleware is, it's place in the Laravel lifecycle, and how to create it. Then we'll look at some real-world, in-production use cases that demonstrate the appropriate use of middleware to examine incoming requests, and situations where you might modify the out-going response headers or body content. Finally, you'll learn some use-cases where not to use middleware, and how to test it. Phillip is a web developer with 16 years of experience currently building solutions with Laravel for Cisco Systems, Inc.'s Learning@Cisco team.

  • PHP Types and Type Safety

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    Kris Jordan (https://twitter.com/krisjordan), who teaches computer science at UNC Chapel Hill, will be discussing PHP types and type safety. Kris is one of the smartest guys I know. You definitely don't want to miss this meetup! Pizza at 6, talk begins at 6:30. Join us! Location provided by Newfangled (http://newfangled.com/). Pizza provided by New Media Campaigns (http://www.newmediacampaigns.com/). This meetup will be held in the media room of the Greenbridge building, right off the lobby. RSVP to this meetup for directions closer to the meetup date.

  • PHP Acceptance Testing with Codeception & Browserstack

    Although technologies like Codeception (http://codeception.com/) make PHP acceptance easier, testing is often done locally (if at all), with testing environments limited to the one your local machine is running. However, combing Codeception with a service like BrowserStack (https://www.browserstack.com/) allows for much more comprehensive device testing that can be automated and integrated into a development workflow. WebMD developer Arturo Maltos will be talking about this setup and how his team has developed a workflow that makes complex acceptance testing across multiple devices and environments manageable. Pizza at 6, talk begins at 6:30. Join us! Location provided by Newfangled (http://newfangled.com/). Pizza provided by New Media Campaigns (http://www.newmediacampaigns.com/). This meetup will be held in the media room of the Greenbridge building, right off the lobby. RSVP to this meetup for directions closer to the meetup date.

  • FreeCode February


    Got a project that you want to get feedback on? Got something you're stuck on or something that you recently figured out? Bring it to FreeCode February! Next month we're returning to talks with a meeting about debugging in PHP, but this week we're all about taking a look at what everyone is excited about, stuck on, or just want some feedback on. Beforehand, feel free to post in the FreeCode forum (http://www.meetup.com/Chapel-Hill-Durham-PHP-User-Group/messages/boards/forum/21087280)on this meetup page so we know you want to share with the group, and we can get a peek ahead of time. If it's super secret stuff you want to only share with the group, that's definitely cool, just let us know you've got something to share! Pizza will be provided!

  • PHP Tools Roundup

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    Have you ever looked at another developer's laptop and thought "wow, what's that?" This month we're going through a rundown of some of our essential, useful development tools for PHP (and web development in general). We'll go through some of our favorites, and then open it up for discussion about what the group uses every day that they can't work without. This should be a fun one! Plus - news from the PHP world, including PHP 7's impending release! We'll have pizza (courtesy of New Media Campaigns!), and as always, an awesome group of devs to hang out with! Make sure to RSVP to this meet up for details about how to get to Newfangled's office.

  • Let's discuss PHP 7


    We're excited to announce our first meeting! The meeting starts at 6:30pm. We'll mingle and have pizza and drinks until 7:00pm. Next we'll introduce each other and discuss the latest news in the PHP community. Then we'll take an in-depth look at the new features coming in PHP 7. Free parking is available in the parking deck next to the Hampton Inn.