What we're about

We run regular workshops to build your social skills and be super confident around other single men and women.

This workshop is for anyone who is shy, introverted and find it difficult communicating with the opposite gender.

Note: If you have great social skills and a confident personality then this workshop is not for you.

This is to help people with any social situation such as making new friends, dating, reading people, humour and persuasion skills.

This will be a safe space for us to talk about our challenges and we will do role-play and games which will improve your communication, both vocal and body language.
We will also coach you in removing any of the limiting beliefs and negative talks you have with yourself.

Join the group and sign up in one of our workshops to build your charisma, self-expression and be a magnetic personality.

I am a ex-shy guy, ex-introvert and had huge social anxiety. I want to help you with all the skills I have learnt over the last few years so you can get confident immediately and live powerfully.

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