What we're about

People want to help. We want to make it easy.

If you’re a graduate looking to develop your skills, or a trained professional/retiree willing to share your valuable hard earned knowledge, and are looking to contribute to society in a way which is collaborative, sustainable and meaningful - help us, to help you!

Specifically, we’d like to help you to ‘Give Your Skills’ - https://www.giveyourskills.com/

Why GYS exists:

So many of us wish we could make a more positive change in the world but all too often our good intentions lead nowhere.

This might be due to a lack of any direct incentive to do so, the absence of an adequate (professional) support network, inflexible volunteer schedules, or simply not knowing where to start to get an idea off the ground.

Give Your Skills aims to make doing good for the community easy, fun and sustainable by removing these barriers. We see this as an amazing opportunity for any one of you to translate your passion and idealism into concrete, actionable steps. We want to make volunteering easy and scalable – something akin to what Airbnb did for room rental or Tinder for dating.

By joining the GYS community, anyone can make a difference, develop life and career skills, make friends and have fun. Best of all, however you want to help, it’s on your terms.

How it works:

Our method of project management is inspired by the old adage ‘many hands make light work’. As such, we aim to slice each project into small, manageable pieces and allocate each task to each member in question on the basis of a)Time afforded and b)Skill-set.

The process can proceed as follows:

1. When you contact us, we will ask you to provide a list of any relevant skills you may have, your charity interests and how much time you have to spare.

2. We can then connect you to a relevant project team (either established, or yet to be established). Importantly, if you don’t have time to join a full project team, you can simply volunteer to be contacted by a project team who need help with specific tasks that fit your expertise.

3. You can decide upon what tasks you are willing to take on - working with autonomy, flexibility, and in a way that suits your own lifestyle. Teams can work together in person or remotely to achieve project tasks.

4. You work towards particular set objectives, and (hopefully) make a lasting beneficial impact to those in society you would most like to help!

5. All project teams meet every few months, to share knowledge, present team achievements, support each other, hang out and have fun!


Individuals and teams are given the agency to decide what they want to do. So long as it’s for the good of humanity, we’ll support the project.

See a list of our current projects here -


Better yet, talk to your friends who are passionate about improving our society in any way, and suggest something new! Whether you want to lead a project, or simply contribute in any small way, we’d like to hear from you -


We’ll connect you with the people you need, and support you every step of the way.

Future Plans -

If you’re still not sure whether you would like to commit to any project yet, we’re hoping to have our next social event very soon. Sign up onto the email list here at the bottom of any page on our website if you’d like to find out more! - https://www.giveyourskills.com/

GYS is a dynamic, evolving experimental project in and of itself. We don’t know what the end point will be, but we’re going to test ideas and technologies on an ongoing basis until we reach our goal. This renders it a challenging project, but also quite exciting!

We also want and need feedback. We’ll be actively seeking it over the course of the league but please get in touch any time with your views.

Have any more questions? - See our FAQ’s here -


Join us if you want to make a difference to our society, develop your skills and make long lasting friendships! We hope to hear from you soon. :)

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