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What we’re about

Hang out with people who want to talk about Bitcoin in Charleston!
This is a group for anyone interested in the financial technology called Bitcoin. Ask questions, teach others, talk about new ideas, or just sit back and listen. We believe that providing a forum for people to get together and share what they have learned about this new technology will benefit us all. We are extremely excited to meet and maybe even help create new bitcoin enthusiasts. Let's learn together.

Twitter: @bitcoin_CHS

The Charleston Bitcoin Meetup provides free copies of Little Bitcoin Book to people new to the space wanting to learn Bitcoin in a simple way. We welcome Bitcoin/Lightning donations to offset the costs of these books:

Recommended Reading List:
Easy Intro:
Little Bitcoin Book @LittleBitcoinBk
Bitcoin in 21 Days @BitcoinMagazine

For Kids:
Bitcoin Money @thebitcoinrabbi
Sade's Satoshis @CharFadirepo

Deep Dive:
Layered Money @timevalueofbtc
The Bitcoin Standard @saifedean

Sponsored by: - enabling Bitcoin and crypto-friendly legislation in South Carolina - buy gift cards with crypto and earn discounts and sats back on purchases.