What we're about

Your Personal Power Determines Your Destiny.
This Tribe is meant to inspire and motivate those who want to align their life path with their soul's purpose with ease and grace. This Tribe is best suited for people of all ages who:
•want to be part of a supportive Tribe that comes together to learn how to feel confident to fulfill their soul's purpose.
•are interested in gaining a better understanding of how to find their soul's purpose.
•want guidance on their soul's journey as they connect with their higher self and inner wisdom.
•want to learn how to connect with Angels and ask for help or guidance.
•want to learn ancient wisdom techniques that support soul growth.
•want to heal their deep wounds of not being enough and recover their self-worth so that they can fulfill their soul contract.
•want to put play, sass, and joy back onto their path while fulfilling their soul's purpose.

Examples of topics we will be exploring:

*understanding your body's response to soul messages
•detox the mind of lack and low self-worth and increase the ability to manifest desires
•how to change thoughts and recover self-worth, confidence, and self-love
•what does it feel like to be aligned with your soul's purpose
•how to embrace enlightenment while achieve balance and success in both the spiritual and corporate world
•how to raise your physical vibration with crystals, sound, essential oils and nature to release resistance and stress
•how to nurture the energy system of adult and child
•how to tune in and turn on your spiritual gifts and talents
•how play opens your soul to Spirit and Your Inner Wisdom

We will be meeting 3-4 times a month.

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