What we're about

A professional and social connection without the complications: No dues, No don'ts, No agendas, No ages. Welcoming the wedded, the single, the seeker, the dalliance-prone, the silly/serious or just the curious. Come for the platonic or for the monkey business (oh my!). Come for the rivalry, the ribaldry, the wit, the wisdom, the verve, the punch, or for the elan (practice your class, breeding and manners, of course). Be cerebral, casual, sophisticated, complex or be just straight forward. Be yourself, or for fun be someone else. Come alone or come with friends, but just be there.

Also some thoughts

C o n n e c t: Social relationships are the cornerstones of life.

B e A c t i v e: Physically getting out is the fastest way to get out of a bad mood.

"V i v a L a D i f f e r e n c e": our unique individualities are the spice of life.

***Largest Meetup group in South Carolina with consistently the largest attended events.***

We're known for our friendly well attended socials with many new members at every event. If you're standing alone for too long, someone will welcome and introduce you to others. Otherwise complain; you'll be just fine if you do. We are a people networking group (not a singles group, as there are other Meetup groups like the "Charleston Social Group for Singles" that address that subject). Please come out to meet people only because you are a friendly person who wants to say "HI" to others.

Also, to facilitate lively conversations among all, moving your mojo "around & about" is encouraged. Sitting (exceptions excluded) in the same chair the entire event usually does not make for as enjoyable a social.

GOOGLE: http://www.charlestonmingles.com for online links to past & future events & photos

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