• Drop-in Jewelry Workshop w Suzanne Bergen

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    Drop-in 5-7pm, 2nd Tuesday & 4th & 5th Thursday in the CREATING & CONNECTING rooms. Jewelry Making Workshop in the CREATING room. Come to learn and be creative with beading supplies and tools provided by bliss and the class facilitator, or bring your own supplies and tools if available. Make jewelry for yourself or to share as gifts. Consider donating some of your creations to be sold in the bliss Boutique. To help keep bliss stocked with supplies for future classes beads, jewelry parts and tool donations are greatly appreciated. Facilitator: Suzanne Bergen,[masked], [masked] After attending one beading class, I was hooked. I have worked at a craft store and learned most of my techniques from books and by learning from the direct experience of creating. I enjoy many types of crafts and want to share my experience with the wonderful people at bliss. You may have met me in Marilyn’s beginner Belly Dancing class, or while waiting for an appointment during the monthly Energy Clinic. I intend to continue exploring other classes at bliss and look forward to creating with you.

  • Weekly Zen Fusion Meditation w/ Tommie Williams

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    6-7pm, weekly each Thursday in the KNOWING room. 15 minute reflection on Wisdom of the Spirit from the ageless teachers: Enoch, Moses, Confucius, Prophecy, Buddhist, Dr. King and others… followed by 45 minutes of deep imagination meditation. Searching for Simplicity and a Path To Enlightenment through Zen Fusion… -Meditation – Loving Kindness – Contemplation -Buddhist Psychology -Devine Centering Prayer Across cultures, through the countless centuries the spiritual quests resounds in all humanity. We are all spiritual seekers awaiting timeless revelations that lie within us. Today’s globalization reveals the fusion connection of all major faiths. Herein most of us have our western Christian heritage incorporated deeply and profoundly imbued major aspects of our spiritual thoughts, belief systems and values. Powerful spiritual teachers and philosophers have arisen and continue to arise from Siddarth (Buddha), Jesus the Christ, Saint Paul and St. Augustine, Martin Luther, Nelson Mandels, Ceandhr, Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai lama and numerous others. In Zen Fusion we learn from them all hence our moniker searching for simplicity – A Path to Enlightenment. Zen is austere, highly disciplined in the meditation, nature driven, Koan inspired, intuitively bound in the mystery surrounding life itself. Our Zen Fusion class invites you whatever your spiritual background or belief system to go within to experience this search (quest) for meaning, simplicity and he wise heart in our troubled conflicted world. The most profound living eternal wisdom and enlightenment are found in quiet stillness, respectful prayer and contemplation. Our own personal truths, revelations, universal pains awaken to scared wisdom and the middle path of enlightenment, which transcends both the heart and the mind. Please come sit with us each Monday sharing as we open to our restless wandering thoughts and feelings connecting together in contemplative meditation with a balanced heart and mind Facilitator: E. Tommie Williams, [masked], came from a Protestant upbringing and studied in depth biblical studies. He was an instruction in North and South Carolina. He studied transcendental meditation, took classes in the books of Maharishi yogi and holds a special studies certification from the University of South Carolina. He has a certification in meditation and macrobiotic nutritional health special studies and special studies certification in Mending Hearts – Spirit and Mind from the Providence Hospital in Columbia, SC. He went to a Spirit Rock Zen meditation retreat headed by Jack Kornfield in California. Studied Judaic studies history of Judaism with Rabbi Oppenheimer at the University of South Carolina. Attended Christian retreats at the Mepkin Abby, Ecumenical collaborative studies (Thailand Monks), Contemplative Centering Prayer course, and Contemplative aging course, in Monks Corner. He practiced Tanteic Positivity in physical massage, incorporating Zen meditation teachings. He is a Universalist Church Ordained Pastor and a Zen Fusion course facilitator at the Center for Holistic Health in Mt. Pleasant, SC

  • THRIVE 2X/Week Domestic Violence Support Group w/ Sharon Steffan

    WEEKLY 12-1:15pm on Monday w/ Jan Cary & 6-7pm on Thursday w/ Sharon Steffan. No RSVP needed, just come. Providing support for female survivors of domestic violence, who have experienced mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical abuse by an intimate partner. Anonymous, Peer Facilitated Support Group; Connect in a safe, confidential forum with other women who are experiencing or have experienced violence in their relationships. In an atmosphere of respect, safety, and empathy, draw comfort and empowerment from those who understand. Our vision is to rekindle the resiliency, strength, and inventiveness of women who have coped in relationships that are demeaning and, in some instances, life-threatening. The recognition that other women are available as sounding boards and supportive allies allows a survivor to see other possibilities for herself and, with time and continuing support, to realize a brighter future. Facilitators: Sharon Steffan, [masked], Sharon is a Charleston native and single mother of 4. She resides on James Island, sings with Charleston Symphony Chorus, and is a survivor of Domestic Violence (DV).Sharon joined Thrive in 2016 after a long fight to be independent and free from her abuser. She is very active in the fight to protect survivors/victims and their families from further harm. Sharon is working with Thrive to develop Thrive Body & Soul bath, beauty and skincare products. Her work with Thrive includes teaching other DV Survivors to make and market these products, as a means of teaching manufacturing and business skills to clients as well as product sales to help support Thrive programs and services. This also serves to spread public awareness about the epidemic of domestic violence in South Carolina. Sharon also writes grants, fundraises, and leads peer facilitated DV support groups for Thrive to bring healing and closure to those who seek a life free from violence and abuse. THRIVE SC plans to offer transitional housing, therapy programs for adults and children, 12 step programs for those who have coped with violence by using drugs and alcohol, a legal advocacy program, orders of protection, child care, financial management and “how to live in the real world” courses, a resale shop to help support the non-profit and to teach residents business and social skills, community education and awareness events, public speaking at high schools, college campuses, hospitals, men’s and women’s groups, athletic events, and other large social, business, school, media, and civic gatherings to educate individuals and communities about how to identify victims of violence, how to prevent violence, and how to handle a situation in which one suspects that violence has occurred. Also, THRIVE SC will push for stronger laws to protect women in SC against violence of any kind. Mackie Krawcheck Moore, Founder & Executive Director, THRIVE SC, [masked] PHONE: (252)[masked]

  • The Writer’s Garden w/ Shayna Shanes

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    7-8:30pm, weekly Thursday beginning in January 2019 in the KNOWING room. The Writer’s Garden is a community for writers of all levels of experience to plant and grow their skills. Our time will be spent freewriting, talking about craft, and sharing feedback on each other’s work. We will practice trust in our creative mind, drawing truth from the senses and art from our dreams. This is a community where everyone’s work will be taken seriously and supported as well as a place to create and have fun! Additionally, we will be reading from Natalie Goldberg’s “Writing Down the Bones” and other works. Please bring something to write on, a notebook or laptop. Facilitator: Shayna Shanes is the sort of writer and poet who keeps her day job. Alone and hiding in the dark of night, especially if it’s raining hard, she admits to herself she may never finish her novel, but isn’t that kind of desperate ambition just the manifestation of a corrupted ego? The kind of war against nirvana she read about in that 50 cent Zen Buddhist book from the thrift store? A book, like all other books by the way, written by a writer who can actually finish a book and get it published and is therefore an annoyingly superior person! Petulance aside, she isn’t even Buddhist. But she’s interested in that too. I mean, interested in both Buddhism and writing. Shayna is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and lives on James Island.

  • Weekly Qi Gong w/ Mark Patterson

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    7:15-8:15pm, weekly Thursday in the Feeling Room. Qi Gong “Cultivation of Energy.” Qi Gong exercises have been used in China for over 4,000, years to cultivate energy, vitality, and over all well-being. Qi Gong increases your life force and vitality. Qi Gong exercises can super charge your immune system and help reverse aging Mark Patterson has practiced Qi Gong for over 20 years. He has trained with Qi Gong Master Dr. Effy Chow “Healing Miracle from China. ” BK Frantzis “Energy Arts” Energy Master Stephen Co “Pranic Healing” and more recently Jeff Primack “Supreme Science Qi Gong” I have watched BK Frantzis throw people 5-7 feet, move them, without touching them. I have experienced intense heat running through my body. I feel the Chi both inside and outside my body there is something very real and powerful about Qi Gong. You will feel the FORCE!

  • Silent Meditation w/ Janet Herron

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    Join the weekly Course In Miracles study group early for a 15 minute Silent Meditation before class begins.

  • Weekly Course in Miracles w/ Janet Herron

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    10:30-11:30am, weekly Friday in the Knowing Room. We are an ongoing study group of students of A Course in Miracles supporting one another in our exploration of the Course. A Course in Mira cles consists of a 669 page Text, a Workbook of 365 Lessons, and a Manual for Teachers. It is a self- study course for retraining the mind that is spiritual rather than religious in its perspective. The Course combines some aspects of Buddhism and some aspects of Christianity to teach a unique non-dualistic thought system dealing with universal spiritual themes. Please join us at 10am for an optional Guided Meditation before class begins. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our group please email me, Janet Herron, at [masked] (http://gmail.com/)

  • 4th Friday Neighborhood House Soup Kitchen Service w/ Karen Schwarztrauber

    10:30am-1:15pm, monthly the 4th Friday Can you help? Great! Please RSVP using our website VolunteerSpot button @ http://www.blissspiritualco-op.com/volunteer/ and supply your contact information so Nancy can confirm that you are coming. Thank-you for your YES! Field-trip to the Neighborhood House Soup Kitchen. We need 9 bliss volunteers to prepare and serve lunch to nearly 150 of our neighbors in need. Please tell Karen if you plan to meet her at bliss at 10:15am am to carpool downtown or meet her at the Neighborhood House at 10:30am, 77 America Street. Facilitator: Karen Schwarztrauber [masked]

  • Drop- in Reiki Clinic w/ Moira Duggan & Midge Moran

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    10:30am-Noon, Drop In Reiki Clinic upstairs in the HEALING room. ***Please note, reiki sessions are provided on a first come/first serve in-house sign up sheet*** What is Reiki? “Rei,” meaning spirit or aura and “ki,” meaning energy, is the channeling of “life force energy” through the practitioner to the client. Reiki is an ancient energy healing method to remove any energetic blockages and restore balance to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Because Reiki is an intelligent force, it will flow where it is needed. Put simply, Reiki is the channeling and receiving of love! You can expect to lay comfortably in the Healing Room for 20-30 minutes while you receive Reiki. There is nothing you have to do or bring. Simply show up, open to heal and receive. Please wear comfortable clothes. Blankets will be provided for comfort. Facilitators: Moira Duggan, [masked] Midge Moran, [masked]

  • Well-Being through Energy Psychology & Energy Medicine w/ Paula McGuire

    Noon-1:30pm, monthly, Friday in the KNOWING room. Energy Psychology (EP) and Energy Medicine (EM) are energetic healing approaches that combine ancient healing tools, such as acupressure and chakra balancing, with modern day approaches, such as affirmations. In this lively, experiential class, you will learn and practice one EP and two EM techniques for enhancing well-being, reducing stress, regaining calm, clearing negative beliefs, lifting your mood, helping with focus and concentration, sleeping through the night. These techniques can be easily learned and they are easy to teach others. Every class is different and is geared towards specific concerns of the participants. You will learn a bit of the history of EP/EM and we will discuss its relevance in your daily life. You will receive handouts for each exercise. Facilitator: Paula McGuire, [masked], has been a Practitioner of the Healing Arts for over 25 years. Paula’s desire to teach Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine awoke on a beautiful summer evening when her car lost power as she was on her way home from the airport and she spent the next hour and a half standing on the side of the freeway and practicing Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine on the situation. At some point she realized that her worries about getting home had evaporated and she noticed how beautiful the evening was as the world whizzed by. She marveled at how easy it had been to change her mindset and realized it would be enlivening to help others experience that same ease and ability to move to the positive side of a situation. Right there, standing on the side of the freeway, she designed her first Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine class. Paula’s original education and training was in structural engineering. She had a desire to build bridges. After 15 years of technical work, she took a nine-month sabbatical and gained a master’s degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality with an emphasis on Spiritual Psychology. During that time, she experienced Rosen Method Bodywork and, began to study it. It called to her as nothing else ever had. She had to do it. Upon completing that training, she became a psychotherapist so that she could hold more for her clients. Then, as each step lead to the next, she was introduced to Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. She learned numerous energy healing modalities and became certified to teach several of them. She added some other offerings to her bag of tools, including becoming a BioMagnetic Therapy practitioner, a yoga instructor and minister. Paula has been a Practitioner of the Healing Arts in California for over 25 years. Now, she is returning to her birthplace in the LowCountry to bring her work here. In addition to working with individuals, she offers classes in Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine for anyone who would like to feel better and also offers professional certification, mentoring, consultation and support in ThetaHealing®, Birth Your Life®, and classes towards certification and mentoring in TAT® (Tapas Acupressure Technique®). Eventually, it has all come full circle, as Paula finds her dream to build bridges is being actualized in her work as she helps individuals, families and communities find ways to connect through service and healing.