What we're about

This is a group for all technology enthusiasts that are learning, venturing or building bots and AI based applications. The group will organize monthly at Industry Charlotte and participate in presentations, discussions and solutions using Open Source technologies and popular frameworks.

Topics covered from previous meetups:

• Alexa, Slack and Facebook bots

• Data Science Analytics and Business solutions

• Neural networks and Deep Learning

• Natural Language process

Looking forward to sharing and growing our collective knowledge.

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AI: It’s Deployment in the Defense Sector

Industry Co-Working

*** ATTENTION - Parking is FREE. You may park on the street if available or Deck #1 at AvidXchange. If there are any events, inform the guards that you are attending a Tech Meetup and they will direct you to Deck #1 *** Hello Everyone! Our upcoming presentation includes an update on the current status of AI capabilities, AI ethics (including the use of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems or LAWS), the role AI and autonomous systems have in the US Department of Defense’s Third Offset Strategy, and the AI arms race with China and Russia. Note from Marcia: I'm just back from DARPA's AI Colloquium and anxious to share how they plan to invest $2B in AI over the next 5 years. "Explainable AI", how game engines and physics are being leveraged to advance neural computing, and human-AI symbiosis in the form of intelligent agents and synthetic agents are some of the initiatives I'll discuss. *** Presenter *** Marcia Price (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marciaprice/) is an established analyst, data scientist, and entrepreneur in the defense sector. While pursuing a Masters in Data Science at UNC Charlotte, Marcia developed an impassioned interest in using natural language processing techniques and machine learning models to execute data fusion of scientific, technical, and other big textual datasets to develop insights and identify trends in scientific discovery, technology development, R&D, and innovation patterns. ** Meetup Schedule ** • 6:00 - Networking • 6:30 - Topic Presentation • 7:45 – Chat with presenter • 8:00 – Wrap Up. Parking information: Park in lot 1 or lot 2 or AvidXchange parking Deck #1. Thanks, - Charlotte Bots and AI - If you have any questions please write to us: James https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Bots-and-AI-Meetup/members/54080242/ Leveat https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Bots-and-AI-Meetup/members/11317118/ Aru https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Bots-and-AI-Meetup/members/208586091/

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