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Wellness Alliance is a charity that promotes community health and wellness based on the latest scientific research. Our organization serves private disadvantaged individuals as well as schools, universities, wellness centers, community clinics, medical clinics with wellness services and consultancy. Wellness Alliance advocates for the introduction of wellness into the current medical , academic , nursing settings and prisons.

This meetup group welcomes all health and wellness seekers , as participants, supporters with their expertise or presenters. The meetup will offer wellness gatherings, events and presentations.

The group will have the role of facilitating community wellness presentations by local wellness professionals and promote therefore the wellness into the community.

Later it will aim to facilitate their introduction into the community settings, as wellness experts- to offer their service to community clinics, medical clinics, schools, wellness centers, universities, health centers, nursing facilities, prisons, underserved populations as well any other clinic that wants to add a holistic model of care and collaborate with us.

A project of future is to advocate for the creation of a 4 year accredited wellness and integrative healing program with the local university for which we will engage all the wellness professionals that are participating at these presentations , focused on their topic of relevance in their practice- topic that they will prepare to present with the university, in a hybrid format.

We will create a data base with all wellness professionals that will collaborate with us and will aim to use them if they are interested in community projects .

If you are an accredited wellness professional and would like to promote you, your business and present a wellness topic here it's a great place to do it !

The lecturers that will present here will be motivated with 50% share of the profits that will be obtained from YouTube Channel as well from future sponsors, affiliated with their topic, that will engage with this project.

The rules for our community wellness presentations are the following:

The presentations have as a goal to empower the participants into healthy living and traditional holistic healing with mainstream of knowledge and motivation.

All topics will belong to common traditional areas of wellness, positive psychology, alternative and lifestyle medicine that are proven since many years and that are beneficial to the majority of the population.

No controversial , rare or new on the market therapies are allowed. Main focus is of supporting community to heal from within with mainstream of knowledge.

The presentations will be offered within this group, on a hybrid format , virtually and preferably at a physical location, as well.

They will be limited to 10-15 participants.

For the health and wellness presentations, the presentation needs to embrace and refer as a resource a research based book, that is available on the market and is no more than 10 years old, that participants will use as a go to resource after the presentation ends.

Personal development and all other presentations will not be required research based books but they will have to embrace a relevant book as well.

The affiliated book to be presented at the event to the participants.

The presenter will present top basic principles of the wellness topic, that are supported by the book and have been practiced with success in their practice, and will bring some real examples from his practice.

When you create the title of event- it will have the following structure:

Specify the Topic, Specify-Adults , Teens or Children -what ages-Specify the Name of Presenter, Title Specify the Affiliated Book Title and Author-

example: Improve Sleep - Adults 20+-by William Smith- MD, Book- "Good Night- Dr....PhD

In the Description of the event you will specify in this order:

The presenter and its practice name and location and expertise.

Description of the topic with its main concepts.

Where the participants can find the book and if possible also in audible, digital formats.

Other resources .

An offer for a discounted consultation for a limited number is encouraged.

We will aim for adding sponsors for this service.

We require all presenters record a video presentation of all their virtual as well as physical events, and submit them to us after the event, with we transfer , in order to be saved for storage on Wellness Alliance US You Tube channel, as well as on a new format we will create at wellnessalliance.us Platform, to be used by students in academia, as a valuable resource.

Presenters commit that will offer exclusively their presentations made for this group to Wellness Alliance organization, that will be allowed to distribute later for community use.

Do not sign up for an event with a topic that is already offered for that week once or maximum twice. The same event can repeat once a month. The same Topics and Presentations are encouraged to be rotated in am's and pm's , weekdays and weekends , so that they will access a broader range of audience.

Professionals from other towns and abroad can present, virtually.

Ideally we aim to have a physical event for each presentation at the locations we will facilitate and that will be very easily accessed by a broad range of audience. Because of present Covid Circumstances the virtual options are encouraged as well.

You will send us your credentials, a summary of your presentation, the book that will accompany it, and the date and time you plan to do it and we will schedule your event in this meetup group.

You can use any digital Platform like Zoom ,Webex,..for the virtual presentations.

The selected topic needs to be directly related to your object of expertise and long term practical experience with clients.

A summary of the presentation will be sent to us and linked to the event . In case of a physical presentation , the summary to be handed to all participants.

Workshop will be ideally one hour long at max 1.5 hrs.

The presenter will be required to ask participants to present themselves, initiate interactive discussions about the topic, their personal experience with it, encourage them to ask questions and state the benefits they had. Small assignments to be given to be practiced individually or in small groups.

You are encouraged to present the same presentation, to different public locations, that will agree upon, and facilitate for you , such as bookstores, public libraries, retirement facilities.. and other assigned locations.

Workshop event will be ideally created and announced within at least one month in advance.

At the end of the workshop , you are encouraged to talk a bit about your practice and offer a free first consultation or a voucher to participants. You are encouraged as well to take private one on one questions from the audience.

All topics and providers can be subject of denial , on an individual basis, if the selected topic or book are not considered of relevance.

Disclaimers are required to be stated at the beginning of each workshop, specifying if possible to which categories of population these practices may not be beneficial or may raise some adverse effects or vulnerability and which could be the adverse effects , stated by the scientific literature.

We welcome topics such as

Personal Wellness

Prenatal care, Children , Teens–-Healthy lifestyle 101 for a healthy weight, Healthy relationships 101, Healthy emotions and happiness, Healthy lifestyle 101 for diabetes and weight balance, Yoga and mindfulness for children for relaxation, Compassionate minds for children, Positive emotions through art – for children

Adults: Benefits of wellness journaling – by a wellness coach, Benefits of personal coaching – by a personal coach, Benefits of health coaching – by a health coach, Healthy eating 101 – by a holistic nutritionist, Healthy emotions 101- by a holistic psychologist , meditative practitioner, Healthy relationships 101 – by a psychologist, counselor, Healthy lifestyle for diabetes and weight balance ,Healthy lifestyle for cardiac patients Healthy guidelines for depressive, anxious patients; Complementary medicine for immune conditions; Space design ; Outfit styles for a better look ; How to organize the space and declutter ; Aromatherapy 101 general and applied to main chronic illnesses, Herbals 101 general and applied to main chronic illnesses.....

lifestyle medicine, homeopathy, therapeutic herbs , meditation, …therapeutic massage, ...yoga...physical activity for heart and brain health,

Collective Wellness

Corporate wellness measures and programs, community health measures and programs

Other examples of themes

Healthy Eating-Losing Weight- ND, Health Educator, Health Coach, Nurse, MD, psychol

How to take care of yourself while becoming pregnant? Public Health -Pediatric Nurse, ND, MD, midwife, health educator, pediatric MD

How to improve your relationship with your boyfriend? Psychol, life-relationships coach

How to find a compatible boyfriend? Psychol, match maker,…

How to maintain a stable romantic relationship? Psychol, relationships coach

How to take care of yourself holistically with a skin condition – teens- adults- ND, cosmetologist, nurse, MD dermato, health educator

How to deal with your depression, anxiety and stress- teens, adults- ND, psychol, coach, nurse, mental health coach

How to manage holistically an immune condition, long term predisposition to infections –teens, adults- ND, homeopath, health educator

How to manage holistically diabetes- teens, adults- ND , holistic health educator

Fashion styles and hair styles –teens, adults- How to dress and hair style for different occasions? - hair stylist, fashion expert

Good manners

Principles of High performance for exams and for life -teens-adults-coach, psychol

For enrolling, Please send a summarized resume and a summary of your presentation, affiliated book and date and time when you want to present at my e mail wellnessalliance.us@gmail.com and text me when you send it at 7046080350

I am looking forward for this and have strong hopes about it!

Together we can make this a world a healthier one! Success!

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