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Dedicated to best practices, semantic markup, progressive enhancement & graceful degradation. Over the course of time and quite often we discuss HTML5, CSS, cross-browser support & testing, mobile, optimization techniques and much more.

From time-to-time we'll discuss Javascript related topics but in most cases we'll let the excellent Charlotte JS Meetup Group (http://www.charlottejs.org/) handle the glory that is Javascsript.

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[Uptown] Git it done - git workflow and how it opens up the open source world

Summary: This talk is for beginners to intermediate or those who might be used to using git and looking for a few new tidbits. We’ll be discussing the history of git, touch on workflow and look at some reference resources . We’ll also talk about how to use the -help documentation, and finally discuss Forking repos in Github and how you can get started contributing to the projects you care about. About the Speaker: Douglas Brown, Front End Lead - Creative Team LendingTree.com Currently working at LendingTree as the lead front end developer for the creative team, Douglas manages 6 front end engineers who work on 10 different codebases which generate about one quarter of LendingTree’s direct income. He has been building websites for more than 15 years in different roles including, an art director, a creative director, an UX designer, a front end engineer and still feels like a newbie. He’s currently honing his skills in vue.js, full stack development and improving his writing skills. Agenda: * 6:30pm: Networking * 7:00pm: Talk

[Uptown] DevOps and the Front-End Developer

There have been a lot of tech buzzwords over the last few years. Some have been more relevant for front-end developers than others. But one, DevOps, is more important to front-end developers than it first appears. DevOps is not just about build tools, or automation, or rules. It’s a better way to think about how we get the code we write into the hands of users, how we get faster feedback when our code is used, and how we learn from those activities to continually make the whole process better. In this talk, we’ll take a look at some of the challenges that DevOps is trying to address. We’ll see how many of the techniques of DevOps are actually things that you, as a front-end developer are probably already doing in one way or the other. And we’ll discuss how you can adapt DevOps thinking to your work, whether you’re a lone freelancer or work on a large team. About the presenter: Van Wilson is a principal UI developer at Insight Digital Innovation in Charlotte, NC. After majoring in Latin and ancient Greek in college, Van naturally gravitated to web development, which he has been doing for about ten years. Van is serious about JavaScript, and about making the web accessible for every person, on any device. His goal is to give all types of users a better experience by making online tasks simpler, quicker, and more predictable.

[Uptown] React Native for Web Developers

React native makes IOS and Android development accessible for web engineers by bringing much of the tooling and features that we use everyday to program mobile applications. We will be diving into the React Native ecosystem to learn how to use your knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in mobile development, and also talk about the benefits and limitations of using the platform. About the presenter: Erica is a user advocate and frontend developer at Oddbird, a small agency of developers and designers who help clients create scalable, and performant web applications with a human-centered design. She’s passionate about the process of building intuitive software solutions for users across platforms and mediums, and believes in doing her part to push the web platform forward. When not writing for computers, she enjoys writing for humans and consuming copious amounts of books (and beer), spending time with her kids and practicing yoga.

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