Agile, Front-end Development, and Emergent Design

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Agile came to solve a world of problems. It's easy to see why waterfall tends to be significantly less efficient than Agile to deal with and support the constant changes demanded by our internal and external environments. Agile did make our lives better in many ways, but we frequently fail to see that it also brought issues. Project managers, Scrum masters, directors, and programmers seem to feel the pain it causes without being able to put their fingers on it.

Among the many problems caused by Agile, the flaky concept of "emergent design" is certainly one of the top ones. The idea of an ever-adapting blueprint for our applications is both neat and necessary. However, in practice, it seems to be ignoring some basic statements from the Agile Manifesto and Software Engineering best practices. And the more complex front-end development becomes, the more pain it causes.

In this meeting, we will discuss how the efforts for implementing Agile in our organizations could be hurting front-end development. We will discuss some options (many not well-known) on how we can actually improve the efficiency of both front-end development and Agile methodologies.

Fabio Nolasco has about twenty years of experience as a Web Developer and has worked as a Lead Front-end Architect for some of the biggest companies in the Charlotte area. He is the author of the book Professional Front-end Architecture: