[Uptown] Hack It Your Way: Make Websites Work For You

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Despite their author's best intentions, sometimes a website or web app's design, aesthetic, or functionality are simply lacking. Maybe information could be presented in a more useful way for your workflow, or perhaps the layout is cluttered or wastes a lot of space. Maybe there's a simple bit of functionality that would make your life much easier, but there's no way the website's developers would ever create that just for you. Or maybe the app is great but the color scheme is simply hideous.

Until now, you've just been quietly putting up with those annoyances and limitations. The good news is that, the web is very malleable, and you can change those sites and apps to suit your needs and tastes. Changing the websites you use daily to make them work the way you prefer is achievable in both static sites and complex web apps, and even in older browsers like IE11.

In this talk I will show you useful strategies for modifying a website that you don't own, along with a number of working examples to spark your imagination.

Ivan Jonas Gomes is a web developer at Bank of America. After graduation from UNC Chapel Hill he became self-taught and has held a number of positions at various startups and fintech enterprises around Charlotte. His professional interests include UX, developer quality of life, and bundt cakes.

* 6:30: Networking and food
* 7:00: Talk begins