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[Uptown] Complex Designs and Animations with SCSS Sprinkled on Top

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Some designs and animations require lengthy styles to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with it, but by using SCSS, we can accomplish the same outcome with cleaner and more concise code. We will be reviewing 3-4 examples of a somewhat complex design or animation achieved with vanilla CSS. We will then be rewriting the styles utilizing SCSS features to demonstrate the benefit(s) that SCSS provides us.

Adam Wells is a web developer with a design degree who claims to be an all-around creative problem solver. He does most of his work on the frontend but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty with the backend. Coming from a design background, Adam has the ability to elevate designs and envision animations from design to development. When not developing, he is typically gaming, creating content, or spending time with family.
2000 West Morehead Street, Suite A · Charlotte, nc
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