Building fast single page apps with DoneJS

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Learn how to build the fastest single page applications with DoneJS ( This talk details some most important performance techniques used in single page applications like: server side rendering, progressively loading optimized bundles, and use of content delivery networks. We will discover how DoneJS solves these problems while building a simple real-time chat application.


This talk will go over the key features of DoneJS with an emphasis on its performance features that makes building fast single page applications easy. To do this we’ll build a simple chat application with two pages. The first page will demonstrate the ability to import 3rd party custom elements and use them in your application. The second will show how you can connect your app to an external service and have updates occur in real time.


To inform the audience about DoneJS, a framework which provides a complete experience; everything that is needed to build a modern app.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in building single page applications.

Things you'll discover:

• How DoneJS handles the initial page load to create the best possible user experience.

• How simple it is to hook up an existing REST interface to a socket connection using can-connect (only ~5 lines of code).

• Creating native applications (iOS, Android, and desktop) is as simple as running “donejs add ...” in your project.


Matthew is a full time open source developer with Bitovi working on simplifying workflows for creating large JavaScript projects. Matthew is a core contributor to DoneJS which encompasses CanJS, StealJS, and more than a dozen other projects, including done-ssr (server side rendering).


• 6:30 - 7:00 Network and Food

• 7:00 - 8:00 Talk/Session