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What we’re about

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The Charlotte Unconventional Film School (CUFS) is for you: someone who wants improve their filmmaking skills so we can all make more + better (low budget, independent) movies.


We bring together local filmmakers (including people who are just getting started) and local, down-to-earth professionals to teach through in-person workshops. We typically do this through a 2 hour weeknight event or 3.5 hour Saturday events. Read about our 10 part Make-a-Movie workshops we offered through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in Spring 2019. 

Get to know our teachers who are all working local film pros.

Informal meetups

Held in coffee shops with free parking around Charlotte typically, these are usually informal gatherings for networking and conversation with a particular topic in mind (submitting to film festivals, the joy of editing, gear swaps, filmmakers looking to meet up with potential cast and crew, etc.) We've put on over 150 programs in our first two years.

• Field Trips

• Party

We had a party in May 2018 to celebrate 1 year/75 events and another one on Saturday, October 13th 6pm-9pm to celebrate the movies made by people who took CUFS workshops in Spring, 2018.  In July, we'll have a party to celebrate our "second birthday" and you're invited (check back on meetup).

• Retreat Day for Filmmakers and other Creatives

Time to take stock, think about what matters and how you can make work that matters to you and others. Planning is currently in the works and will be announced soon.

What we're about:

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