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Updated: 12/18

The Charlotte Unconventional Film School (CUFS) is for you: someone who wants improve their filmmaking skills so we can all make more + better (low budget, independent) movies.

• Workshops

We bring together local filmmakers (including people who are just getting started) and local, down-to-earth professionals to teach through in-person workshops. We typically do this through a 2 hour weeknight event or 3.5 hour Saturday events. Read about our 10 part Make-a-Movie workshops (https://qcnerve.com/2018/12/29/charlotte-unconventional-film-school-announces-free-workshops-in-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3OT3nYfSNekWIkb6zKDR8PDpIKH8RnvoDRJAeQI7z0IEN5OzO_BD4LMk0) we're offering through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

Get to know our teachers who are all working local film pros. https://thecharlottefilmschool.com/partners/

• Informal meetups

Held in coffee shops with free parking around Charlotte typically, these are usually informal gatherings for networking and conversation with a particular topic in mind (submitting to film festivals, the joy of editing, gear swaps, filmmakers looking to meet up with potential cast and crew, etc.)

• Local Filmmaker Showcase

We will be showcasing the films and talents of one filmmaker (and their cast/crew) per month. Stay tuned for these events which will be in venues in Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood or NoDa.

• Field Trips

Carpool or meet us at a newly opened film studio or historic movie theatre.

• Party

We had a party in May 2018 to celebrate 1 year/75 events. We'll had another one on Saturday, October 13th 6pm-9pm. We celebrated the movies made by people who took CUFS workshops in Spring, 2018. Seems we should have another party in the first half of 2019, huh?

• Retreat Day for Filmmakers and other Creatives

Time to take stock, think about what matters and how you can make work that matters to you and others. Join us for our January 2019 event, take a day apart to think about your creativity and what you're going to use it for.

Upcoming events (5+)

Gathering for Documentary Filmmakers and Wannabes (Thursday 1-17)

We're using the term "wannabe" in a lighthearted way to describe people who want to get into this but don't consider themselves "there" yet. This evening will feature 6:30pm-6:40pm a.)meeting each other outside The Light Factory at the picnic tables right outside the door and chatting for a few minutes to introduce ourselves b.)going inside to see the exhibit and enjoy the opening reception c.)gathering at the picnic tables outside the Light Factory and deciding where to continue the conversation (nearby restaurant where we can get some snacks and drinks, most likely) where we learn each other's hopes and dreams as documentary filmmakers and documentary photographers and see what we can do to keep making more/better work. --------------------------------------------- Want to visit 1940s Harlem, Coney Island, Little Italy, the Bowery and the Lower East Side on Thursday night? (Even more than that, the description of "The Photo League" shows an incredible, grassroots org. that CUFS can dream about emulating.) "The Photo League [masked]) was an extraordinary cooperative in NYC run by amateur and professional photographers dedicated to the medium they loved...The League offered the benefits of kinship, darkroom space, exhibition opportunities, symposia and a school...They were committed to social documentary as an art form capable of illuminating worker's lives and struggles...such compelling images, they hoped, might work as potential tools of social reform, or bring increased understanding of those outside the privileged status quo." (written by staff of The Light Factory. Link to the Opening Reception: http://lightfactory.org/event/opening-reception-voices-from-the-photo-league/

Event Sold Out: Hands On Getting your Film Made (free) taught by Joshua Overbay

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library at Hickory Grove Community Library

PARKING INFO: Plan extra time for parking. The library, which is sponsoring this event, says there is parking in front of Why Not Pizza. We are advised not to park right near the restaurant, but at the far end of that "row" of parking spots. We provide snacks, and the best local film professionals as your teacher for the day! All are welcome, whether you're just now getting curious about filmmaking or you've been at it for years. We want you there. This is a free event presented in partnership with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.: https://www.cmlibrary.org/innovation/make-a-movie-workshop For Adults 18+ Bring: Something for taking notes What to expect: Hands On: Getting your Indie Film Made Join Joshua Overbay, a professor of film at Western Carolina University and NY Times-awarded filmmaker, as he details everything you need to do to get your independent film made. You’ll get hands-on experience of running a set, and gain the confidence and know-how to gather the people and resources you need to start making your indie movie.

Audio Production for Filmmakers (free) taught by Michael Quigley

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library West Boulevard Branch

We provide snacks, and the best local film professionals as your teacher for the day! All are welcome, whether you're just now getting curious about filmmaking or you've been at it for years. We want you there. This is a Free event offered in partnership with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.: https://www.cmlibrary.org/innovation/make-a-movie-workshop For Adults 18+ Bring: Something for taking notes What to expect: 2 February Michael Quigley Audio Production for Filmmakers A lifelong learner and creative, Michael Quigley’s current explorations include the intersection of music, cinema and computer software. You’ll become more conversant in the importance of sound in filmmaking, basics of audio, equipment and software, audio capture, basic audio manipulation and mastering. You’ll cover a lot of material, learn how to keep learning and experimenting on your own and be ready to help out on an indie movie.

Video Editing (Adobe Premiere): Setting it up, Navigating, Tools and Hotkeys

January sign up special: $149 for all three dates or $74 for one date. Summary: By the end of this course you will have the basic knowledge all editors need to make amazing video edits. You will be able to edit multi-camera shoots, Internet videos, Informational and educational shorts, and many others. While the main focus of this class is Adobe Premiere Pro, most of the skills learned in this class can be transferred to many different editing programs since many are similar. Suggested materials for this class: · Computer w/ video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 or CC(preferred but not mandatory: This program will be used in class) · Headsets (So we don’t drive each other crazy while practicing editing) · Audio recorder for class and to record your own sound FX. · Note Pad and Pen · Your own library of video, music and sound (files will be provided in class for common tasks but you can use your own as well). (There are free online sites we can recommend as well.) Course Overview: · Day 1 on Feb. 12: Setting up the edit, navigating your program, Editing Tools and Hotkeys · Day 2 on Feb 19: The Rough Edit, Transitions, Adding Text, Key Frames. · Day 3 on Feb 26: Editing Music and Sound, Color Correction, Final adjustments and Effects, Exporting. Day 1 on Feb 12: · Project Setup · Program Settings o General setting o Autosave o Media cache o Memory and how the program uses the computer · Windows within an editing program o Media Browser o Source Monitor o Program View/Live View o Timeline o Tools o Sound · Setting up the timeline · Organizing Media o How The program understands your media and where to find it o Unsupported Files o How to relink files that go offline · Previewing Media in Source Monitor · Dragging Media to timeline · Sinking Audio and Video o Unlinking clips · Using the Basic editing tools · Learning the Hot Keys (Your Editing Home Row) Day 2 on Feb 19: · Rough Editing o Working on the Timeline o Positioning Video and Audio o Basic Audio Adjustments · Types of Cuts o Hard Cut, Cutaway, Jump Cut, Detailed Cut, J-Cut, Montage · Transitioning o From cut to cut o From scene to scene · Audio Blending · Text Editing o Ways to create text o Placing text o Making adjustments in within text and on screen o Saving Templates o Creating new based on original · Lower Thirds o Making custom lower thirds o Adding motion with keyframes · Keyframing other elements Day 3 on Feb 26: · Sound FX o Where to put them o Reasons for using them o Duplicating elements on the timeline · Adding Music o Differences in Stings, hits, and Music o Volume of different sources(Dialogue, sound FX, music, etc) o Shorting music using beats o Transitioning § To new music or looping § To new scenes § Cutting music · Strengthening your video with sound · Color Correction o Skin Tones o White Balance o Contrast and Saturation o Matching multiple cameras · Final Adjustments o Adding Effects o New Layers o Adjustment layers · Exporting your video o Output Options § What’s your need? o Export vs. Queue · Final Questions

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