What we're about

The purpose of this group my vision to inspire others who are in need of inspirational support and hope to deal withe the current state of the country and the world. This group is about inspiration in a time of dealing with the current crises in our country and in our individual lives as we navigate a world that has seeming "gone off the rails" of normalcy. How are we coping to keep ourselves, family and friends safe an secure and moving in a positive direction when it seems everything normal is now being shattered by the Corona
Virus, violence, sickness and death. We can form a group to help inspire us with writings, poetry, music or any other positive and inspiring message you want to share or just listen and be inspired by someone else. The topics we will shy away from are politics, religion or sex. My idea is to have a video chat to introduce to the group members and we can schedule in person meetups once the current pandemic has passed.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events