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In a nutshell “Dine Wine Dance”. \

We teach basic steps of latin dances of Salsa Batchata Kizomba Merengue. \

We have group lunch/dinner after class. \

We aim at bringing new people to the dance community.
We have classes most of the days in multiple locations, except for a week of rest at Morrseville, LKN, Huntersville, University, Noda, Uptown, Mathews, Fort Mill, SteelCreek etc.
Apart from basic classes, We have socials on and off during the start of the month during weekends/weekdays for food wine dance.
The team is led by J & V who are senior software architects with passion for dance, gym and social networking.
1*) Kindly do not promote any events or groups that would clash with our progress.
2*) Kindly do not message folks you dont know or ask their phone number or disturb them. We are a dance social not a hookup zone.
3*) Multiple noshows (or Any cancel of RSVP within the last few hours without any reasons) will be asked to rejoin later.
4*) Always RSVP if you show up. Avoid Not-RSVPing when you show up since we reserve seats and you may not get a seat even if you come early and take someone elses.
5*) Kindly avoid changing your decision in short notice or once you land and scan the crowd.
6) Please arrive on time and contact me well in advance before the event else I may not be available on the phone once class/dance starts.
7) Dinner plan is only for hosts and those participating in the dance, however the dance class has a few minutes free trial.
8) RSVP will close 24 hrs prior. So please do not keep us as your last option.
9) We are a promoter not a pro. For non beginners/advanced we recommend our partners CharlotteLatinDance/Rumbao/RW and others.
10) if we are a small crowd, please keep it to group discussion as much as possible as an expectation but not a rule.
11) Kindly pay at start of class using venmo or cash.
12) If we are meeting for food, kindly discuss with me, if you are not planning to eat or take the dance class. Due to corona we have a limit on that.
13) Avoid showing up without RSVP because our slots in the restaurant will be reserved and fixed. Come on time else the seats will be given away to other. If you are running late inform 2 hours before event starts.
14) Please arrive on time and focus till class ends or you will miss the steps and confuse the other person and others near you.
15) Kindly do not interrupt with too much chatter or conversations during class. It is a disturbance to the instructor who is talking and also to others in class.
16) Maintain a safe distance especially if not dancing, 
17) Avoid close embrace position, and avoid holding hands if it is your first day, learn the moves first before you want to hold hands or embrace.
18) Wear masks while dancing, especially if the lady is.
19) As part of dance etiquette do not focus dancing with a particular person or age or looks and do nor repeatedly ask the same person to dance if they do not know you.
20) Please RSVP 24 hrs prior to event, RSVP expires 24 hrs prior. And do show up. If you miss 2 RSVPS in a row without reason or 3 times overall without reason, you will be deprioritized in future events.
21) Anyone who paid annual member fees get it reduced from a class they attend with proof of past membership payment.
*Any such complaints will lead to barring you from group. 
JV Dance Consultants - 978 989 3015
Dance pics/vids:- http://Www.facebook.com/groups/LatinDanceCLT
Cooking Class:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/indoarabpersiancook

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