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The Charlotte PowerShell Users Group offers learning and support opportunities for IT administrators and developers working with PowerShell. While some meetings include guest speakers, most meetings are designated as "Script Club" sessions, where group members can bring in their own PowerShell scripts and receive advice and assistance from fellow group members. In addition, the group actively participates in the annual Scripting Games and holds it own mini-competitions to foster PowerShell knowledge in the Charlotte area.

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Linux on Windows plus PowerShell equals More Power!

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We are meeting virtually this month! Bring your favorite beverage, put your feet up and join us online for PowerShell. WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is the safest, easiest and coolest way to get Linux tools and experience without the need to spin up a Linux box. It's available right in Windows 10. WSL is not a toy! WSL can provide you with valuable tools which are often native only to Linux. What if you could have your familiar Windows environment combined with the power of a true Linux shell (Bash)? How would you like to combine the power of Linux commands and tools, into your PowerShell scripts? This Meetup will introduce you to ways in which you can combine the power of Windows and Linux to add more tools to your toolbag. Q: What is the advantage of using a Bash command in a PowerShell script? A: In general, less code is better. Bash code is often more compact than PowerShell code. Q: If PowerShell is more modern than Bash, why would I want to use Bash? A: Bash has been around a lot longer than PowerShell. Finding code snippets for Bash is easy. Q: Can you give me an example of using PowerShell vs. using Bash? Date in epoch format: PowerShell Get-Date (Get-Date).ToUniversalTime() -UFormat %s PowerShell calling Bash bash -c 'date +%s' Here is an article written by our speaker, Tay Kratzer ( [masked] ) which demonstrates a PowerShell script calling a Bash script to perform a port check. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/combining-linux-windows-power-tay-kratzer/

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PowerShell 7 Launch Party!

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