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Our groups are as follows:

Charlotte Execs' Career Professionals (http://www.charlotteexecs.com/)

Charlotte Execs' Professionals Singles Mingle (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/)

Charlotte Execs' Ladies Night Out (https://www.meetup.com/BLACK-LADIES-NIGHT-OUT/)

Picture of you required (no logos, graphics or groups of people please (crop yourself out.. I'll help you if need be).. and please look at the camera:).. I know.. we shouldn't have to tell professionals this. Its just the social setting tends to make some too comfortable and this is repeated often to people trying to join us) Profiles without pictures will be removed. Thanks (http://charlotteexecs.com/blog/recap-of-2013-events/)

This group is sponsored by Charlotte Execs

In short, CharlotteExecs.com (http://www.charlotteexecs.com) is the Main group and has other sub groups that it sponsors.
Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Engineers, Attorneys, News Media, ESPN Marketing, Radio Personalities, Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Retail, Real estate Professionals, Teachers, Physicians and more. They are all in our groups. The number is good to know.. but we're about Quality over Quantity.
Please Note: If you join more than one of our groups, you will receive multiple announcements to your email. So please consider that to minimize your email. Our groups are as follows:

Visited a clique group lately? Well, this is not one of those :) We're a Brand New group! Membership to this group is Free @ Black Professionals Singles Mingle. We're based in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC. If you've been working and haven't found the balance to get out and have some fun or if its been ages since you've been on date.. (no a REAL date) this is the group for you. In addition to having fun social events, we'll have elegant events where you can meet quite a few people in one night. There will be network mingles, there will be outings and we'll even delve into speed dating.. with a romantic twist. We're not looking to connect apples and oranges. We're specifically targeting professionals. Whether you are a professional entrepreneur, a business exec, someone in the prime of their career, a professional athlete.. or something along those lines.. this is who this group is for you. AKA.. people with jobs/income :)

We focus on having a nice balance of men and women in attendance as seen in the pics below.

This group is for professional black men and women ages 21 and older who are are looking to actively get out of the house now.. so be ready to RSVP as soon as you join. No wall-huggers allowed :) Its time to mingle with other black professional singles. Note: I myself am married.. yet, we have a network of single men and women at Charlotte Execs. This group is to expand the network and options for you and the singles already there. This group is indeed for African Americans, where we focus on African American culture, yet if someone from another nationality understood this fact and still wanted to participate or if a member wanted to bring a friend who understands our focus, yet wants to come out anyway, we do not discriminate.
Sorry - No photo means no membership. Please no submitting logos or graphics as profile pics. People looking away from the camera will not be approved. After joining, if photo is removed, we'll remove membership. We want to connect with people. We at least need a first name. Spamming the event pages or the profiles of other members will result in being excused from the site. Our aim is to continue is professionalism at all times.
We understand that your privacy is important and we do not require a last name if you choose not to post one. Often times people want as much info about you so they can track you down on social networks etc. Though some of us have no issue with using first and last names, we can understand why some people have concerns. With so much identity theft, stalking and so forth, we can understand if people have an issue with posting full names. Though we have boundaries AKA rules, just as most, if not all organizations, we are not here to be a dictatorship. At the end of the day, using a last name is your choice.

If there are other meetups we can connect with or who we feel will be of benefit to our members, we have no insecurity issues and do not mind sharing this platform to tell others about events in the area.. just as long as they do not conflict with any of our dates. This of course is expected from active members.. not from people who want to stop by, shoot off a flyer and keep it moving. We want to connect with those who are willing to foster fruitful relationships with members here. If there is no care about the people, then it would be pretty lacking on our part to encourage members to attend.
Whenever you join a meetup group, you can easily see if a group has active participants. You simply click the members tab and then you click the sub tab that says last visited. We don't see a purpose of having numbers for the sake of having numbers. To have a membership of 2000 people and 80-90 active, we don't feel is anything to brag about. We are interested in building face to face relationships. To see that 80-85% of members have not been active in a year or two, we feel reflects an organization's inability to connect or maybe its their focus on having a 'constant membership drive' and not focusing on the people that are there now.. and then some people just move away.
People do vacate and may have work leave of absences for pregnancy or injury so we do consider real life. For this reason, dormant accounts of 6 months or older will be removed. If someone has not shown interest in 1-2 years.. that kinda tells you that they are not interested.

Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/join/)

Feel free to elaborate on your business in the section where we ask you to specify what you do for a living. We are not here just to make a buck off of you. Of course it will take money to participate in the functions we produce.. and yes we know our worth, yet its not organizers sitting back doing minimal to nothing. If we are ever reimbursed, its because we actually put in work which should be clear to all. Our current members will easily validate this to be true See testimonials below.
We have real group events that we coordinate and put together. We are not looking to charge you money just to see info that you can see yourself by Googling latest happenings in the Charlotte area. Sure, most of our events will have charges, but that's obvious and to be expected by true professionals. If we're going to the movies as a group.. I don't think we'll be admitted because of pretty smiles Lol.

Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/manage/settings/join/)
What do we do? Things like.. a private wine tasting for a select few.. or a game of kickball or flag football. We also hold networking events where we focus on getting to know people. Then there's Bowling.. Live concerts and a lot more. We've had an event coming up called the Uptown Hop where we have a blast enjoying multiple venues in 1 night. Other things we've had on the calendar are skating, group movie nights and other various ways we can get singles to interact. We want people to be able to ease into getting to know each other via social interaction versus the pressure heavy situations.

Our aim is to not be a group who just sits back and reposts all the things another group does. Not only is that lacking creativity.. its borderline identity theft Lol. What real professional wants to be aligned with a group like that? We want the best for you and are secure enough within ourselves to welcome you versus being afraid that you come to steal a position. We are focused more on the people having a great time versus trying to be in every picture. We are not concerned about made up titles trying to impress others, but the makeup of the people. After dedication is proven, we look to add-on more organizers.. We take relationships seriously. What good is it to have a bunch of people with titles who do nothing, but sit and try to look important? We want people who have a passion to serve the members. A true heart to see singes connect in a quality fashion.
What we are connected to is a reflection of ourselves. Notice how sports teams and business sponsors cut ties with those who give off a bad reflection of their brand. Dance around it if you may.. but when you're connected to something unprofessional, it can make you too look bad.. so we'll do everything in our power to put on original, well organized events. Its time for you to start enjoying quality events.
We keep in mind that we are a group of mature business professionals. We don't just wear the title of being professionals and then focus on clubbing every night. Yes, people club and attend lounges, but who wants to do that for every single outgoing function? There is more to life. In all honesty, partying every night doesn't sound too original, nor does it sound like a professional atmosphere where relationships truly flourish. We as grownups have goals, aspirations, drives to succeed and better our own lives and the lives of those around us.
Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/manage/settings/join/)
Our hope is that people will more and more know their worth and we aim to show them by giving them better than what they've been getting.. for often it is those who lack self value who are willing to settle in bad relationships... You deserve the best. You deserve originality. You deserve respect.
Are we wrong to have a desire to bring many people together to enjoy life? We are not on a constant membership drive where we forget to invest in current membership (Its quality over quantity), yet we don't think small.. so no.. we are not blind when it comes to growth, but not so focused on growth that it affects the faithful we already have.
We like to put our best foot forward in everything that we do. Our members deserve the best especially if they are spending their hard earned money.
Our organization Charlotte Execs (http://www.charlotteexecs.com) has only been existence since the end of May 2013 and we have many quality individuals 21 years of age and older with true like minds.
We are a group of purpose. We don't continue in things that do not have a purpose and things that do not serve their purpose. There would be no need to have this group unless it served its purpose of serving the members who were in it.
Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/join/)

It would not serve a purpose for organizers to organize events if the events are not attended by the members. It would not serve a purpose for us to make connections with other businesses, facilities and restaurants if we did not help insure that the agreement will be kept... With that being said we take RSVP's very seriously.
We're understanding to the fact that some of our members like ER doctors may work on call. At other times, life just happens (child hurts a leg, minor fender bender) etc.. We just expect open communication and not people treating this group as a 2nd thought.. or as if it doesn't matter.. because everyone in this group matters. We are a group with a purpose, not a calendar of events posing as a group with a purpose. Implementing this seriousness on RSVP's also helps protect our members. By doing so, members are more apt to interact with other faithful members who keep their word.. something that is very important in relationships and in business. Again, things happen.. yet when people are in habit of flippantly giving their word and not keeping it, they likely do that as a part of their character.. online and offline.

We understand that sometimes people can be clique-oriented. This group is about everything opposite to such a thing. We want newcomers to feel welcome, enjoy themselves, snuggle in and feel right at home no matter the length of their membership. We are not a group that focuses to keep a tight little circle allowing no one else in. Even if we were to talk good.. it all boils down to carrying it out when you show up. It would do no good to impress you with words and treat you as less than once you showed up. Actions will tell otherwise.. People can only front for so long before the real them shows, thus we stress being yourself. If people can not accept you for who you are, flaws and all, then ask yourself.. what's in it for you? If being a drama filled-person is who someone happens to be.. Hey, we thank them for the interest, but we will not be a good fit. We have zero tolerance for drama. We are about unity.
We seek a group of professional people who work. An easy way to make sure we keep attracting the type of group we desire is to not have everything free. If people can spend money on trips, suits, bags, concerts etc.. then they can spend money at a Charlotte Execs event.
We stress for our members to know their worth. If you're spending alot of time doing something, you are worth it to reimburse yourself/your family for your time. Anyone who sees different are likely only out for self and/or do not have your best interest at heart and that's a connection you do not need. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. If you don't love self, how can you expect to properly love another?
We have work, businesses and jobs. We don't need meetup for a supplemental income, yet we do know that spending an inordinate amount of time on something calls for common sense to pay yourself for your time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is selfish and not a good fit. We don't want that kind of energy around.

Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/join/)

Here, we can also appreciate when others are successful. What someone drives, where they live, where they work or what they wear is their business. Material things make people no better or worse than another and do not dictate their value. If someone is insecure because of such, that is a personal issue. We want people to be free to be themselves and free to express themselves as we all respect each other and enjoy life. Your age isn't a factor. Your religious belief isn't a factor and how much you compare to the next person financially is not a factor. You are welcome here.

Here are more photos from one of our recent network meetups.

Here's a great quote from Michael Jordan on winning as a player opposed to an owner:
“It’s harder to win a championship as an owner. I have to live through the talent that I bring in here and hope they have what it takes to win a championship. As a player I could influence a lot of things, as an owner you sometimes have to just hope people see things the way you do. It’s a driving force for me, I definitely want to win. There’s a lot of people that say it can’t happen, I know it can happen. You have to learn, and make the right moves to get better. I’m not going to give up until we get there.”

Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/join/)

Thank you for your time and Kind regards,
Timothy Motivation Jones
Cell: 704-856-9649
JonesMotivation.com (http://jonesmotivation.com/)
www.CharlotteNCWebsites.com (http://www.charlottencwebsites.com/)
Periscope.tv/JonesMotivation (http://periscope.tv/JonesMotivation)
facebook.com/JonesMotivation (http://www.facebook.com/JonesMotivation)

linkedin.com/in/JonesMotivation (http://www.facebook.com/blissent)

Click Here to JOIN NOW or if you need to know more.. Keep on reading. (https://www.meetup.com/Black-Professionals-Singles-Mingle/join/)
TESTIMONIALS From Various Events:
"I felt like I was in the right place at the right time" - Miguel Moraldo
"Best networking group I have attend thus far. Timothy, thank you for organizing the event. I look forward to your next venue!! Black On Black Business Owners!!! Let's create another Tulsa Black Wall Street here in Charlotte!!!" - Kevin R. Mays
"This meetup event was FABULOUS!!!! It was really fun eating great food and playing games with some of the most wonderful, positive people who are beautiful inside and out. I'm looking forward to attending the next meetup." - Pearl
"The Healing is taking place. Let me tell you something folks...Friday nite laughter, great food, OLD SCHOOL MUSAK, tabletop games, unwinding, networking, uplifting career recharge and even more!!!! This was just what the doctor ordered. I am starting new, peeling off the old me and relaunching some brand new aspects of a more confident, energetic, smarter and FOCUSED me. Do what you DO, Mr. Timothy Jones because...In three words, "I had FUN!" In four words, "Thanks for the LOVE!" In five words, "It was WORTH it all". As the song goes, LET'S STAY TOGETHER!!!! This Meetup is on point!" - Kristie Robinson
"It was nice meeting everybody.. I hope we can connect in the future.." - Nasar El-arabi
"It was great meeting everyone at the networking event. I had an awesome time meeting you all and making great connections. Thanks Tim! Job we'll done!" - Lecia Fall

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