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Thank's for visiting, here is what we're about:

We are a meetup group for poly and poly friendly folks in and around the Charlotte Area. We are just one of the very fine groups that have embraced what we consider to be a new culture located here.

We accept individuals regardless of handicap, age, sex, or natural origin. All are welcome, and all events will be open to all ages of 18 and up. We believe that this fully embraces the ideas that this organization has set forth.

NOTE: Please realize if we ever give you the feeling that we are not meeting this need, we would like you to notify us as soon as possible, being fully honest and blunt if necessary so that the situation can be corrected.

You as an individual are important to us. We want to make sure that we emphasize this in all of our activities and our dealings with you as a member and as a new member. It is only through this awareness that we can encourage the poly lifestyle and the new culture associated with it.

We are always looking for individual's who have the ability to open their hearts and even their minds to others, and thereby receiving love from many sources. This is truly our goal, we have no other. We seek not to have clicks or those who encourage them among us, we really seek to be poly inclusive in all of our dealings.

Understanding the above statement, Polyamory: Has many meanings, according to which dictionary you use, however, it's meaning is accepted overall as being, basically, individuals having multiple honest, loving, intimate relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. We, therefore, hold our members to a high standard. This high standard is concerning ethics, not the ethics that you find in this world but the ethics between individuals. This allows this group to explore poly without limitations. For there is no limitation on the ability of individuals to love one another.

Any limitations are ones we place on ourselves and others, they are artificial, FSP wants to go beyond this, realizing that this goal will never be fully reached. But this does not mean that we as a society and even as Polly individuals should not seek this. Instead, this should always be our quest in everything that we do as a group. This is part of the new culture, for more information please see https://www.cfnc.us/ this site will show you what our local organization goals are.

We will sponsor subgroups meeting as our members required.

These groups such as bi and gay men and bi and gay women and others, face unique issues, and we want to address these issues as well as create socials for these individuals, where long-lasting friendships can be created and maintained.

We fully understand that this is a culture that is somewhat unknown to other individuals in organizations. We have a sister group which has been created to address these needs, and we anticipate there will be many more. This group is located at https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Bi-and-Gay-Men-Meetup/it address the specific needs that are unique to this community

Unlike many, we do not share the view that this is threatening to any poly groups in any way. Therefore we are attempting to address these needs as responsible as we possibly as we can and to reach out to others regardless of their sexual persuasion.

We are committed to the following:

All meetups will have a safe environment, where you can learn about poly ideas, with others of like mind.

We truly believe that all of our meetups should have educational value in addition to just only being a social only.

Our meetups will not focus on sexuality exclusively, we believe as humans we are more than this. we have no objections to parties, but there must be more to poly groups than this.

Without education, without a defined goal, this is nothing more than gratifying an animal instinct.

We understand that there is a very fine line, that must walk to create a new society. Fully understanding that humans relate to each other through physical means, therefore we will seek to educate the community and others in responsible nonthreatening and appropriate responses concerning this aspect of human existence. We seek to bring within this content a form of nonreligious spirituality responsibility. That is embodied in a new culture.

We will try to sponsor as many meetups that physically can be maintained within any given month. In addition, we will also try to sponsor meetings in areas that are members may be located.

We will try to educate those in the poly community on the special need of the LGBT community within our mist, always realizing that this is evolving and that we are only presenting one of many views.

These meetups will be conducted at various venues that new members that may have suggestions.

We are truly and genuinely interested in each person and member. We believe in building the poly community throughout the Charlotte Metro area without clicks, without regards to race, and especially without regards to sexual preference. This is truly our mission, we recognize that this mission is unique among poly groups in the area. We support Polly individuals in the Charlotte area and see them as brother and sisters. We also will recognize any organization within the geographical area that promotes poly in a non-bias, nondiscriminatory manner.

We also understand that there are different individuals who will seek out different aspects of poly-based groups based on their needs.

Just as individuals like different colors of shirts, this is how we view the various poly groups in the Charlotte Metro area. Some individual like yellow shirts, others will like green, some may like both.

***************** All poly groups serve a need purpose, it is not a - us or them situation.********************

To be truthful our group is a split of many individuals who felt their needs, were not being met. But we also recognize this may be based strictly based upon our own personal vision and it may not fully accurate.

Therefore we have chosen, to go forth, and avoid situations in which we ourselves have felt uncomfortable, and left out of. We never want this to happen again, this is the reason for FSP, No other.

It is our intention to have open elections, once our number reaches the point to where they can be justified. And to have a Board of Directors, and to qualify as a 501(C)/(B) depending upon qualification.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an attempt to reaching out to those who are like-minded, however, we are not a dating group, and this is not a place to be picked up or to find a casual sex partner. We asked those who are seeking this to find another group within the Metro area, we understand that each individual has unique needs, however, individuals who are looking for this will find that our group will not qualify, for we believe in a new culture, and within this culture, there is no room for manipulation.

We expect everyone to keep this in mind, therefore your behavior needs to be appropriate and respectful in all ways towards others. This includes being blunt honest at times, even when individuals may not like what you have to say, this also means keeping your word in act and indeed.

We fully respect each individual's right to disagree, but we expect each individual to agree to disagree when events do happen.

That is why there is more than one group, and this is as it should be when there is more than one group that allows for growth in different directions, and the sum of the whole will be much larger.

We are hopeful you can understand the reason why we will have a few questions that we will ask you to answer. However be assured that these questions, are necessary and will be kept fully confidential. This is also for your protection in regards to your learning experience with our group. We attempt to prevent predators from coming among us. This is why it's so important that you always inform us if you are uncomfortable in any situation, concerning our group, and its communications with its members and prospective members.

We honor all individuals, including those who may work within the government, in the past, it was brought to my attention, that there are many good individuals who are in the poly lifestyle that belong to these agencies. Since at times, we have those in our mist, who believe in naturalism around us, groups like ours have normally rejected individuals from these backgrounds. This goes counter to what we are trying to create within the new culture movement.

Therefore we only ask that if you are a member of the media, press, or any government agency that you, fully disclose this and notify us, so that we may fully be aware of this. As long as you fully state your intent, and are not looking to gain contacts within our group for mercenary purposes and the purposes listed below, you will be allowed membership.

Being part of this group, we ask that you do not conduct interviews, undercover investigations, or any other activities which would compromise individual privacy and the members of this group. It is the intention of this group to always comply with the local ordinances and laws as set forth by the citizens of the state. And to encourage all those who come among us to do the same.

This group is intended to develop and to strengthen long-term friendships. We feel that these activities above would be destructive towards these goals. We also fully realize, that we are introducing a new culture into an area, traditionally that has held beliefs that are somewhat antiquated. This culture takes time to be accepted, it does not mean that this is right, it just means this is the reality.

We realize that many of you, will be involved in other groups, we do not feel that this is any conflict, again this group is support of other groups and will assist them in any possible way, we all working for the same thing and the same goals.

We attempt to avoid drama, and conflict at all cost, we will issue an invitation even to our enemies. This is so that we will be better equipped to overcome differences, always exercising love.

We also do not have any regulations, in regards to communications across groups. We do not believe in being adversarial towards any other organization especially those who are trying to build the poly community. Our goal is to build the poly community and to do this with brotherhood and sisterhood of all involved, regardless if they are involved in this group or others.

If you are an administrator of another group and would like to have access to our list, please notify us, regardless of our personal feelings, we will grant you access to this group to build the poly community.

This being said, we believe that FSP fulfills a unique and a much-needed choice for those who are seeking another flavor and color in the poly lifestyle within the Charlotte Area, with this in mind we are not affiliated with any other group locally.

We hope we have given you a feel for our group, we are far from perfect as individuals, we make mistakes, but we believe in the end, these mistakes will be outweighed by the love that we show to others.

If you believe this is what you are looking for, we invite you to join our group, we hope you will take an active role in fully participate, even consider being a co-founder. For, in the end, this will become your group too if you choose to join.

Thank you for Visting.

Sincerely, the administrative team of FSP.

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