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Stop Doing What You Know Doesn't Work

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So here we are: Makers of digital products, a mighty group of experts. We, the paragons of strategy, UX, design, and content. We make the world a better place for people who use websites, mobile apps, and software. Yay us!

But what if we’re only ostensibly amazing? If we’re so talented, why do we constantly repeat the same bush league blunders? Why do we casually make strategic project mistakes, gross usability errors, and unforgivably bad content decisions? We toss best practices aside, pay only lip service to users, and sweet fancy Moses, how we let our clients pilot the ship.

I have an idea. Stop it. Right now.

Stop it for the sake of your craft and your sanity.

Speaker Info:

Dean Schuster ( joins us from Columbia, SC and is the founder and partner of truematter, an interactive usability consultancy. Dean has championed online simplicity and clarity since the early days of the Web. He oversees truematter's user experience practice leading strategic engagements for innovative regional firms as well as the Fortune 100.